Wordsworth 2017 Day Three: Experiencing Maymester Through Poem

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On day three of this Maymester experience in Grasmere, Maggie Burke ’19 captured the student group’s experience through poetry.

An Encounter with William Wordsworth

We walked the footpath that followed
The silhouettes of the grassy hills
Tripping over stones on the way home
The sun beating down, burning
Burning my much too pale skin
Like the first fair weather day
Following a two week spell of rain
Evaporating every damp thought
And I thought
“This was him”

Counting the many, many footsteps
On the way to Hawkshead Grammar School
I have never found myself so eager
To get to class on time
William knew nothing other than the commute
The one that I am privileged to take
The one that he probably dreaded to make
But boy – oh boy – can I relate
And I thought
“This was him”

We watched the sheep that would stare
Enticing you to get closer
With a mischievous glare
Only to run away when you got near
Bah-ing, catch me if you dare
And the cows that scream loud
Instead of moo, letting you know
That they want nothing to do with you
And I thought
“This was him”

I drank his water
Unaware that I had an instinctive thirst
For the sparkling lakes of
Grasmere, Windermere, Rydal
A fraction of the ninety-three inches of rain
That falls each passing year
Or the sweat that left my body
Nourishing the roots planted before me
And I thought
“This was him

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Posted by: on July 12, 2017   |Comments (0)|Student Engagement