Looking toward the stars

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My name is Cecelia Lahiff, and I am a humanities/art history major with a classics minor. I am from Goshen in Orange County New York.

This summer, under the guidance of my mentor Dr. Fred Drogula, I will be writing a research paper entitled “Wet Stars: Ancient Conceptions of Stars in the Golden Age Latin Poetry.” This project will include an in-depth look into the writings of Vergil (Virgil) and how he understood astronomy in his time.

Since this is not an already well-researched topic, I am excited to add some insight into the field of classics! Stay tuned for more updates as I try to be as eloquent as possible, while keeping my head in the stars!

Vale! (or farewell in Latin)

One thought on “Looking toward the stars

  • Colin Guthrie King says:

    Excellent project! If you’re interested in resources on the history of ancient astronomy, I would be happy to help: this is a field in which I work.


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Posted by: on July 12, 2016   |Comment (1)|Veritas Grant