Why Study Theology in Rome?

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“There is no better city to study Theology than in Rome.  The ability to see many of the world’s most famous churches during class time made the decision easy for me.” Riley Dowd


Why Study Theology in Rome?

This week it has finally begun to sink in that we have less than a month left of our Roman adventure.  I asked the students to reflect on their time here in Rome and their experience of studying Theology. I asked them what they would say to a student back home who is considering studying abroad next year.  What advice might they give to someone who was considering spending a semester in the Eternal City?  Is there any reason why Rome should be the preferred place for studying Theology?

Here’s what some of them said:

“Studying theology in Rome offers an experience unlike any other.  Rome is the center of our Christian theology and the sites and history provide a whole new experience.  I think being able to visit the 4 major basilicas and a few other Catholic sites has had an impact on me and has gotten me to think about theology in a whole new way.  I think in order to fully understand and appreciate the Church this is a must.”  Daniel DeFilippo

“Studying theology in Rome brings the New Testament to life. Being able to go to all of the locations that you read about makes your faith stronger.” Erin Mullane

apse-mosaic San Clemente church 12th cent

“Everyone should study theology in Rome because of the vast amount of history in this city. Rome has so much to offer and I have enjoyed every second of exploring it.” Nicole Patrina

“One may first approach studying theology while being abroad in a negative manner, but I believe it is one of the greatest choices I have made. Studying theology in Rome allows us as students to gain first hand knowledge and gives us a better understanding by living and seeing what we learn about in places other than a text-book.” Veronika Abkarian


“As somebody who is not religious, I knew taking my theology requirements in Rome would help situate religious stories in a historical and social context that I could connect with more. These classes have brought me to places in Rome that I never would have visited or critically understood on my own, which is something I really appreciate.” Leanne Falzon

St Paul 10

“Rome is truly one of the greatest places to study theology. You can only read so much in books, and in Rome there are so many prominent basilicas and Christian sites to help one to truly understand the history of the Christian religion. It brings the class to a whole new level and you get to experience many places in Rome you may never have visited otherwise during your semester here.” Sophia Bolt 

Mary Major3

“Studying theology in Rome is the way to go because of all the magnificent basilicas and sites that the city has to offer. Since the Vatican is placed in Rome’s center, the city alone holds extreme theological meaning.” Paige Lee

“Studying Theology in Rome has been a truly incredible experience. Looking back on my time here, I can say that I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to study here and experience places like the Vatican and the Roman Forum.” Tim Evans


“Studying theology in Rome has allowed me to experience theological events in a completely different way. You have a better appreciation and understanding for theology when you are present in the city where every important event occurred. It is enlightening and truly amazing to be exposed to this history in such an extraordinary way.” Gianna Fournier


“Studying theology in Rome creates opportunities to see a vast number of churches, some of which you would not have known to visit without taking a course in theology.” Kerrie Lynch


“By studying Theology in Rome, your identity as a Roman Catholic really becomes transformed. Instead of viewing Catholicism as just going to mass every Sunday and occasionally praying, you are able to experience firsthand the significant sites of Roman Church history in your Theology class every week, which is a constant reminder of this incredible faith relationship that God desires to have with us and it definitely brings you closer to Him.” Catherine McLean


Go Friars!







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