Why Study Abroad in Rome?

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Why Study Abroad?  Why Study in Rome?

This week the students and I had a chance to discuss how the program is going and how to get the most out of the relatively short time we have left in Rome.  I asked them what they would say to a student back home who is considering studying abroad next year.  What advice might they give to someone who was “on the fence” concerning their decision to leave campus and spend a semester in a foreign country?  Lastly, I asked them why, specifically, a Providence College student should study in Rome.  Is there anything about their experience here that has convinced them that Rome should be the “preferred destination” for P.C. students.  Here’s what they said:

“I would definitely recommend studying abroad to anyone who has even the slightest interest in it. As someone who has wanted to study abroad ever since freshman year of high school, I definitely knew I was headed to Europe, the question just became where. Choosing Rome was actually much easier than I expected the decision to be – PC connection, being able to see the Ancient Roman Forum with a quick 15 minute Metro trip (Classics minor wins), seeing Pope Francis with greater ease than catching the bus after a Friar basketball game. What more do you need? Rome is a city that would take years to uncover everything it has to offer, but the program acknowledges this and helps students see as much of the city as they can through different site visits – New Testament in the Eternal City, the required PC course, alone brings us somewhere new every week. I wouldn’t change my decision for anything; my parents are going to have a difficult time making me get on the plane in December to go home.”   – Elizabeth Ward

“Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity that many people are not lucky enough to experience. That being said, if you are given the chance to study abroad it simply cannot be passed up! Before this semester I had never been to Europe and I have now seen things I never even knew existed! Studying in Rome has been ideal for me as it is in a great location with amazing weather, food, history and thousands of things to see! There truly is never dull moment in this city. I have gained a new appreciation for theology and as a Providence College student this is something that I was hoping for. I will never forget a day I have spent here in Rome and I would recommend everyone give it a chance!” – Briana Reynolds


“Studying Abroad is an incredible experience that cannot be fulfilled in the classroom. Rome is a city with a boundless amount of history and sites that are especially relative to the Providence College curriculum, you will need more than just one weekend to enjoy it.” – Jason De Nicola

“The ancient city of Rome itself is an education. Walking along the streets you can encounter thousands of years worth of western
history and appreciate the importance of Rome to Western Civilization. The Italian culture is vastly different from our own but it is a warm and welcoming one that encourages students to learn about the history, the culture and the language of Italy. PC students will especially benefit from studying abroad in Rome due to the education of DWC. Coupled with this vast wealth of knowledge about the history of Western Civilization and learning about its culture today, the CEA/ Providence College program opens doors to perspective PC study abroad students. You also can fulfill both of your Theology cores in the city that houses the capital of the Catholic world. With several sites to
see, both ancient and new, and new people to encounter and learn from, the CEA/ Providence College study abroad program in Rome is the perfect opportunity to put your DWC education to use and to experience a completely different but interesting culture. It is by far the most historic rooted city in western Europe but also among the most modern. Rome is home to Western Civilization and will continue your learning experience at Providence College.” – Zachary Keefe


“Studying abroad made me fall in love with life. Studying abroad in Rome was the perfect location because it has the most history and spending 4 months here makes it possible to see most of it.” – Melissa Perleoni


“I never traveled growing up, but there is so much to learn and experience through traveling the world. Most likely, most people will never get another opportunity to live for 3 months and have it be included in tuition. It helps people grow, in maturity and intellectually, and widens perspectives.  Try experiencing Rome in a weekend. I dare you. There is so much to do and to see in Rome, and it is so different than any American or Americanized European city. Apart from that, the program takes us on site visits and we don’t take our theology core here- we experience the study of theology here. It’s amazing to see the things we learned in Civ come alive. Our program is small and really cares about our experience in Rome, so they make sure we really get to experience all that Rome has to offer.”- Lauren McNulty

“If you have the opportunity to study abroad, absolutely take advantage! Not only have I learned so much about other cultures but I have become so much more independent being on my own. There are so many unbelievable places to see especially since I am a Catholic.  Lastly, and certainly not least, the food is unbelievable as well as the gelato.” – Chris DiPisa


“Rome is a bottomless trove of faith, history, art, culture, food, etc. I’ve been here for about two months, seen more than I knew existed, and still have witnessed only a fraction the treasures of the Eternal City.” – Lauren Janik

“Studying abroad opens the door to so many opportunities that simply cannot be experienced by staying at Providence College. Rome specifically has so much to offer with numerous churches, museums, monuments, and historical landmarks. Not to mention, it is so interesting to be immersed in Italian culture by interacting with locals, learning the Italian language, and of course, experiencing the most delicious food in the world.” -Ali Pappano

“Studying abroad is a great opportunity to learn outside of the classroom in a new environment with cultures and beliefs that differ from those in the US. Rome is a great place to study because it has a rich history, it is the center of the Christian religion, and well the food and gelato are to die for. If I could do it again I don’t think I would change a thing.” -Michael Boland


“Throughout this semester, I have been fortunate enough to travel to thirteen different countries across Europe and, as a person who had never left the U.S. before studying abroad, I can say the experiences I’ve had while traveling have been the greatest experiences of my life. I highly recommend studying in Rome because, like Europe, the Eternal City has an endless amount of sights and attractions to visit during your semester abroad.” -Joe Kirpas

“If you have not considered studying abroad, you definitely should! It is a great way to experience different cultures and to open up your world to a whole new set of values and traditions! Rome, in particular, is full of so much history that you really feel connected to a whole new world!” – Rachel Mano


“Although it is hard to take a semester off from PC, Studying Abroad is well worth it.  The opportunity to live in another country, to immerse yourself in a different culture is an invaluable experience.  There is nothing like living in Rome.  No city is so appropriate for PC students who have taken Civ.  You can see first hand so much of the art, architecture and history that you learned about.  You can walk down the street and stumble upon beautiful church after beautiful church or a Bernini fountain.  You can visit the tombs of martyrs like Paul and Peter and then see their successor, the pope!” – Joe Day

“Study abroad lets you learn so much more than you ever could in a class. You definitely develop a different perspective of the world, and it lets you see how other people and cultures do things differently than we Americans do. Rome is the ideal place to study because it is a very European city. It is distinct and unlike anything another city you can find in America. While all European cities are spectacular, some northern European cities are in some ways similar to American cities. Rome definitely is not. Its amazing to see all the old ancient and medieval buildings, most of which are still in use, and eventually you realize just how old the city is compared to the things we consider ‘old’ in America.” -Dan Gagnon




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