Venice and the Search for the Sublime: A Photoessay

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Venice Street Scene

Years ago a colleague of mine gave a lecture in a Development of Civilization class on the Romantic artists and their search for the sublime, focusing on the poetry of William Wordsworth and the landscapes of JMW Turner and John Constable.  The concept incorporates the beauty, grandeur, and indeed the terror of the natural world and brings the human person into contact with the divine. At a more ordinary level, the sublime can be defined as beauty that inspires awe, reverence, or uplifting emotion.  It is a beauty that transcends time or cultural difference and brings us close to something that is bigger than ourselves.  This past weekend, PC and CEA students traveled to Venice on a weekend excursion.  The tour included visits to the islands of Burano and Murano, and collectively, their beauty inspired our students with  awe, wonder, and delight.  The following photos highlight some of the moments of light and color….a Venetian version of the sublime.



Blue Friars

A quiet moment

Thanks for tuning in.  Go Friars!

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