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The end of the semester and the beginning of final exams is upon us.  As we finished up the New Testament in the Eternal City class, I gave the students an opportunity to talk about their experience here in Rome this Fall.  We talked about academics, student life, and living in a foreign culture.

I posed the simple question: “Why study in Rome?”  I asked them to imagine a student back home who was considering a study abroad experience.   What would they say to such a student about being in Rome and studying Theology here?  Here’s what some of them said:


“I would highly recommend it to anyone considering studying theology in Rome, as I found that I have learned a tremendous amount regarding the Catholic religion. I feel that I have even learned more than I would in a typical classroom on Providence College’s campus, as our weekly site visits reinforce what we learn, and allow for a further knowledge of the content of the course.” Taylor Morley

“Studying theology in Rome was a huge advantage because what I learned throughout the course all linked up to this ancient city, the center of the Catholic Church.” Caroline Lockyer

“I found theology to become more and more interesting as we were able to witness first hand the archaeology of the early Christians.” Sarah Davis


“Rome makes everything that you learn in the classroom about theology come alive. Rome is the center of Catholicism and New Testament in the Eternal City proves it to you with all of the different sites that you visit once a week.” Hayley White

“Visiting some of the most famous basilicas in the world and experiencing the Papal Audience gave us an opportunity to not only learn, but ground our faith in tangible evidence by seeing it firsthand.” Caroline Carew

“Coming from a Catholic school Rome is a perfect place to study theology, with a Church on every block and taking classes 10 minutes from the Vatican.” Greg Nicolai

20140227-121536.jpg“Each and every site visit gives us the opportunity to truly understand Christianity to the fullest, as the evidence is right in front of us.” Devin Flood

“Personally studying theology in Rome has been much more of a memorable experience than I had ever envisioned before coming. I have taken classes at PC at home and they are definitely engaging, but I think that what stuck out most prominently about studying here in Rome is the fact that we got to visit and actually see the places that we were learning about and make connections to those and the readings that we did.” Jenna Winn

“Studying in Rome is unique because you can go to the places where early Christians practiced and have a greater respect for the evolution of the Church over the Centuries.” Nicholas Totagrande

20140218-114007.jpg“Studying theology in Rome has been an extremely rewarding experience. Rome contains many magnificent sites and locations that allow students to fully experience the theological and historical significance of this city. Rome is a must for any student looking to further their studies in this subject matter.” Chad Britnell

“Studying theology in Rome removes us from blind faith and makes our religion more grounded in concrete.” Kevin Gleason

“It is worth studying theology in Rome because some of the most important history of early Christians lives on here.” Rose Muldoon


“What better place to study Theology than the Catholic capital of the world?” Matt Matuozzi

“The numerous site visits give valuable background for our faith and you get a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Catholic.” Lauren Politi

“If you want to see theology and history come to life, there is no better place than the eternal city.” Emily DiRenzo

Sistine chapel11

“It is powerful to enter the basilicas and feel the spiritual energy. It’s more interesting to see the churches and walk around them and experience the basilicas versus reading about them in a textbook.” Rainy Paul

“While in a classroom in the U.S., you can only rely on photos and textbooks to give you a sense of what happened thousands of years ago.  While studying in Rome, visiting sites weekly allows you to better understand the New and the Old Testaments.” Brynne Murphy

“There are many reasons why Rome is the best place to study abroad… Living right next to Papa Francesco should say it all… The Vatican, the home of the Pope is within walking distance, and each day you can see the thousands of people in crowds going to and from St. Peter’s Square. Where else can you learn about religion and history one day and then go see it in the next few days?  There is no better, more beautiful and more religious place to study in the world.” Emileigh Gaeta

Papal audience 3


 Go Friars!



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