PC Friars and the Papal Audience

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“Seeing the pope was a heartwarming experience that made me feel blessed to be a Catholic”. Claire Beatty
“Seeing Pope Francesco was an experience I would not trade for the world. I was honored to be a part of it, and to represent the Providence College Friars there as well!” Mackenzie Griffin
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 Last week the P.C. in Rome program attended a Wednesday Papal Audience with Pope Francis. Each semester I register  Providence College in Rome as an official pilgrimage group so that we are recognized at the Audience we attend.  And so we were thrilled to hear “Providence College” formally welcomed during the introduction when various pilgrim groups and visiting dignitaries were introduced at the beginning of the Audience. Go Friars!
“Besides being just a few feet away from Pope Francis, the best part of the Papal Audience was when Providence College was given a shout out in front of the whole audience.” Victoria Strain
“I feel so lucky that I am able to study in the heart of the church and have the ability to walk out my door and listen to Pope Francis speak.” Catherine Crotty
The Audience consists of prayers, Bible readings, a short talk by the Pope, and then greetings and blessings to all who are present, in several languages.  At the final Blessing, the Pope also blesses any medals, rosaries, or other mementos that those present have brought for his Blessing.
“I am so grateful for being able to experience the Pope in person and to be able to share it with my fellow Friars. I can’t wait to bring back gifts to my family members that were blessed by him.”  Kendall Connor
 Pope Francis has recently been using his talks at the weekly audience to offer some catechesis on marriage and the family.  The talk he gave to us was about how our freedom is shaped and sustained by our fidelity to the choices and commitments we make throughout life. Fidelity grows through our daily efforts to keep our word; indeed, fidelity to our promises is a supreme expression of our dignity as human beings.
“Listening  and seeing Pope Francesco was inspiring, magical, and interesting! This event tells me what it means to have the Catholic faith in my life and how important it is.” Elizabeth Kirby
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Attending a Wednesday Audience is a very unique experience.  Although open to all, you do need a ticket if you want a seat.  Tickets are free, but you must show up very early to get inside the Square since it’s open seating.  The Audience begins with the Pope riding in his “Popemobile” around the Square to be close to the people.  Pope Francis has the custom of making several passes through the Square so that as many people as possible can see him up close.
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 “The simplest word that could describe my experience at the Papal Audience is joy. Not only the immeasurable amount of joy I felt to be in the presence of the Holy Father, but seeing the joy on his face while welcoming people to the audience was equally as rewarding.” Lauren Ioli
“I found it very heart-touching when people handed their babies to the Pope for him to kiss/bless.” Jackie Gray
“Wednesday morning was unlike any other experience I’ve had abroad and one of the most memorable moments of my life… Seeing the Pope was by far the best moment I’ve had in Rome. I can truly say I feel blessed, literally.” Carly Tovell
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 “Papa Francesco’s smile and overall presence warmed my heart. Waking up at 7:00 am today was definitely worth it!” Jillian Giorgio
“Pope Francis has a very noticeable air about him that exudes love and acceptance and being able to share that love with my fellow Friars made it even more memorable.” Claire O’Connor
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 “…going to the Papal Audience has also taught me about the responsibility I should have towards my faith. Seeing so many others turn out to see the Pope revealed to me a sense of unity within the Christian community, and exemplified the importance of discipleship.” Darragh Quinn
“Everyone gathered there, from all across the world, seemed to come together in faith.” Sierra Loya
“Getting the chance to attend a papal audience was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had here!” Abby Shelley
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Go Friars!

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