Let the Adventure Begin!

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Providence College in Rome Spring 2015 has gone live!  Our Program has begun its eighth semester of transforming lives with the study abroad experience at the heart of the Church.


Last week, 21 students from Providence College and I arrived in the Eternal City for a semester abroad.  The CEA Rome Team welcomed us with open arms and big smiles upon our arrival and then gave us an intense four day Orientation Program that helped our entry into the Italian way of life and our academic study program.

CEA building Rome

 CEA Rome Center


During this first week of introductions, orientations, and new beginnings, I asked the students what they were hoping for from their study abroad experience in Rome.  We talked about why they chose Rome as a destination and what they expected from our Program.  Here’s what some of them said:


“I chose last minute that I wanted to study abroad and heard amazing things about this program. The culture, the food, the people, the sites, the history, etc. Everything I wanted in one program… I have yet to take theology courses at PC and what better way to take them than in Rome?” Emily Rose, Accounting Major

SP155” While in Rome, I want to immerse myself in the Italian culture––  learn the language, the history, and most of all, I wish to learn about how the Church developed in this city.” Matthew Tinsley, Theology Major


“…I chose Italy, because the credits transfer, and why wouldn’t I take my theology/fine arts core in Rome? ” Rory Garrison, Health Policy Management Major


“I have never taken a theology class (besides DWC) so I am really excited to expand my horizons and learn new things.  This semester abroad I hope to meet many new people, whether they be from PC or just any other students in the CEA program.  Already, I have made new friends and met people who are from all over the United States, which I think is very cool.  In addition, I’d like to use this time abroad to really try and transform myself.” Rebecca McGuinness, Accounting Major


“I’m thrilled to be studying abroad in Rome; I’ve been here once before with my family and fell in love with the city.” Katie O’Brien, English Major


“I chose Rome because I have family from Italy and I wanted to experience and understand a part of my familial history that I only had heard about through my parents and grandparents. The food helped my decision as well!”  John Gallo, Economics Major


“…I am very excited to see and learn about all of the art and architecture. Earlier in my PC career, I wanted to add an Art History minor but unfortunately I could not not fit all of the requirements, however, I think being here in Rome makes up for it!” Steve Beck, Finance Major

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