Heading Home – Arrivederci Italy!

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Trevi fountain

There’s a Roman tradition that says if you throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, you’re guaranteed to return to Rome.  By now, all of us have probably thrown more than one coin there!  It’s hard to believe that the Spring 2015 students have been in Rome for nearly four months.  Tempus fugit, time flies, as the ancient Romans said.  This week is final exam period and our lives are full of exams, papers, presentations, and final projects.  We’ll enjoy a festive CEA farewell dinner to end our academic semester and then start packing to go home.


I like to say that “Rome is not a city, it’s a drug!”  And all of us have become addicted!  Already some of the students are planning a return trip to the eternal city as soon as their bank accounts allow. During our last week of classes, I asked the students what they will miss about Rome.  Many of them said this was a difficult question since they would miss so much about our study abroad experience.  Sights and sounds, people and places, foods and drinks were all on the list. Here’s what some of them said:

“I will miss having St. Peter’s in my backyard and new adventures to go on every day.”  Julia Averna

“I will miss the incredible people I have met in this program and being able to run alongside the Tiber River.” Dan Elfman

Castel San Angelo 2

“What will I miss? …the pizza and the weather! (I know back in Providence they have yet to reach 70!) Aside from that, the piazzas we would arrive in after walking out of the metro tunnel were all breathtaking every time. ” Rory Garrison

“I will miss the opportunities to explore Europe and experience different cultures. I will also miss the cappuccinos and the food of Italy. I am dreading going back to the American processed food lifestyle, excluding Dunkin donuts and Chipotle!”  Maddy McDonald

coffee in rome2

“After being at CEA Rome for a semester, a few things that I will miss are: the administration, my new friends, Campo De’ Fiori, and spaghetti carbonara.” E.J. Sheehan

“What I’ll miss most about Rome is ​the friendships I’ve formed and being able to hang out with friends who share and can relate to my experience in Rome. I’ll also miss walking around Rome and passing by the Vatican or the Tiber River every day.”  Alexa Lombardo


“One thing I will miss most about Rome is how green the city is. I have never seen an urbanized city that naturally has so much vegetation. Contained within the the tiny crooks of the narrow streets you find lush greenness. On the balconies of the homes there are beautiful plants spilling over onto the streets… On the rooftops are terraces, again, with more beautiful gardens. I guess you can say Italians really love their plants. That was something I noticed within my first days of arrival. Even during the winter it’s still green here — the grass is in tact, the trees still have leaves, and the plants are there in their bounteous splendor.”  Kadene Pitter

umbrella pines

“I will miss passing by the Vatican lit up at night when I’m going home, the relaxed nature of Italian culture, and traveling to so many incredible places.”  Madeleine Veith


“While leaving Rome is bittersweet, I know that once I am home I will miss being able to explore a place that is so steeped in history. Walking to class each day or getting unintentionally lost, I always seem to discover some new crevice of this city, whether it be a church, a gelateria, a café, or a site of historical significance. Even after four months I still feel like there is so much to see, which gives me a reason to come back!”  Kathleen McGinty

piazza navona

“I will miss all the new friends that I have made. I am happy to have become close with the PC kids here but I will definitely miss those friends I made that don’t go to PC. I will miss the endless amounts of pizza, pasta and gelato. Definitely will miss living in a different country and right in the center of one the most beautiful places I have seen. And finally I will miss being in different countries every weekend.”  Emily Rose



“It’s almost impossible to pick one thing that I will miss from Rome, but I’d probably have to go with the general feeling of novelty and excitement that comes with living in a foreign city. Buying groceries and going for weekday morning runs around the city aren’t things that I ever thought I’d be able to do so casually in Rome!” Katie O’Brien

Tiber river

“It is so cool to think that for the past four months I have lived in a city that is so rich in history, and has a culture that is so different from anything I had been accustomed to my whole life.  In addition, I will miss all of the great friends that I have made this semester in Rome, even though I’m sure we will meet up again in the future!” Becky McGuinness

Santa Sabina 2015


Go Friars!



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Posted by: on April 30, 2015   |Comments (0)|Theology classes in Rome