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 Last weekend CEA took the students to Tuscany. They visited Florence on Friday and a working vineyard in Chianti on Saturday.  More than just a way to escape from the “big city life” of Rome, these cultural trips in our study abroad experience expose students to art, architecture, food, and history.  As one student told me on Monday, “My western civ. class finally came alive!”.  Indeed, the sights and sounds of Florence and the country side made a lasting impression on everyone who went. 


 “Climbing to the top of the Duomo and seeing all of Florence was a surreal experience that I highly suggest to everyone.” Nicole Patrina

“My favorite part of the Tuscany trip was the tour of the Varrazzano Castle in the Tuscan countryside. The meal and scenery is something I will never forget!” Leo Latz

 “This was my first visit to Florence and I loved it.  Florence had a different feel than Rome did, it was something I liked, it seemed very “homey”.  The walking tour of Florence was exceptional and we saw a few of the major attractions there, including the Duomo and the David.  The day trip to the Verrazzano Vineyard was amazing, the tour was great and the food/wine tasting was as well.  I really enjoyed the trip to Florence.” Daniel DeFilippo 


“This weekend in Florence was a great break from the hustle and bustle of Rome. Climbing to the top of the Duomo offered incredible views. Visiting the wine vineyard is an event that I will not forget, it is definitely something that I can cross off my bucket list!” Dylanne Axelson 

“Florence is an absolutely beautiful city. Climbing to the top of the Duomo di Firenze gave an amazing view of the city that was completely unforgettable. I am so grateful to have the fortunate of having this experience.” Katherine McSweeney 





“The vineyard truly made the trip and was by far the best Italian meal I have had so far. I felt so welcome and it was an experience I will never forget. Walking around Florence I could tell that it was much smaller than Rome, but climbing up the bell tower and seeing all of Florence gave me a whole new perspective on the astonishing city. I continually can’t believe what I am seeing and have to pinch myself with my time in Italy.” Sophia Bolt  

“Florence was an amazing city! My favorite parts were the Duomo, wine tasting and of course the leather market! Can’t wait to return in March!” Paige Lee  
“We had an amazing weekend in Florence and Tuscany! From viewing the David, to walking to the top of the Duomo, and wine tasting in Tuscany, we could have asked for a better weekend!” Francesca Coughlin 
“After being in Rome for roughly three weeks I was ready to experience some new places! Florence was a great first stop, the city was beautiful and we were lucky enough to see a Vineyard on such a gorgeous day. Although I love Rome, Florence was a smaller and more familiar place to be. I was glad it was my first trip!” Katherine Seibel
“The Florence/Tuscany trip was a great way to kick off to the semester.  The winery tour is probably something I never would have booked by myself, but I’m glad CEA organized it for us.  Can’t wait to do more traveling with our group.” Riley Dowd
“Although Rome is a beautiful city to be living in, it felt good to get out of the city for a bit and explore Tuscany. The view from the top of the vineyard fields was amazing. I hope someday I can come back when the grapes are in season.” Tim Evans


 “This weekend was one of the most enlightening weekends of my life! From seeing the statue of David to climbing 496 steps to the top of the duomo, florence is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The small, quaint atmosphere is refreshing and the mountains in the distance make the view so beautiful. Tuscany was breath taking and the wine tasting along with lunch was incredibly delicious. I am so happy I had the opportunity to visit these amazing places.” Gianna Fournier


 “The walking tour of Florence was a great overview of the city. We found places to revisit later in the weekend! The wine tasting tour was extremely informative and delicious!” Suness Jones




 “Florence and Chianti were both beautiful places that I will be returning to in my future travels. Florence definitely reminds me more of Boston while Rome reminds me more of NYC. A bunch of us went to The Lion’s Fountain  Irish pub and found the Providence College t-shirt on the ceiling with an abundance of signatures on it. I don’t think any other t-shirt had that many signatures. Go Friars! Chianti was relaxing and the blue skies were a refreshing change from the overcast skies in Rome.” Kerrie Lynch


Go Friars! 


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