ScanPro 3000? What is that for?

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Did your quest for that perfect article ever lead you to microfilm?


NY Times from 1852? Got it!  Newsweek 1942?     We can show you were to find that too!


PML has an extensive collection of microfilm!        But once you’ve found the microfilm, how do you view it?

 Use ClubPhil’s ScanPro 3000!!



This microfilm reader scans as well as prints!  You can email or save to a USB device primary source material to view later.  Need to highlight an area to see that text a little better?  This machine is for you!  With advanced editing features, previously obscured text becomes visible.  The ScanPro 3000 brings the latest technologies to microfilm research.

 Stop by ClubPhil we will show you how to use the ScanPro 3000!


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Posted by: on November 12, 2015   |Comments (0)|Tips and Tools