2nd Annual Research Prize

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Here at the library, we love research.


It’s kind of our thing

But it’s also a thing that is not only important for us, but also the students of PC


So we want to know more about the research undergrads are doing


We at the library, and the good folks at the Center for Engaged Learning want to reward you for your hard work!


All we need from you is:

  1. 1. A research paper (you were probably going to write one anyway–right?)
  2. 2. An annotated bibliography (again, you were probably already doing one–now just add annotations)
  3. 3. A 5-7 page essay describing your research process (everybody loves to talk about how smart they are, here’s your chance!)

That’s it!

Send that all to Andria Tieman: atieman@providence.edu by May 15th to enter, and you could be well on your way to being one of the recipients of the Phillips Memorial Library Undergraduate Craft of Research Prize!  In addition to a cash prize, winning papers will be publisher in PC’s Digital Commons right along with the works of PC’s scholars.

Everything you need to know–including research tips, citation help, how to write an annotated bibliography, etc., is located here: http://providence.libguides.com/research_prize

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You work hard. Let us recognize that with fortune and glory.

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Posted by: on April 25, 2015   |Comments (0)|Announcements