The Peeps. They’re in the Library.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Week! For this installment of PhilBuzz, we’re going to discuss those green (and yellow and pink) fictional characters that are so beloved this time of year. No, not leprechauns – we’re talking about Peeps!

If you’ve followed us on Facebook or Twitter, you may know that for the past few years a gaggle of marshmallow Peeps invade the Library in the weeks before Easter. We’re not sure what they’re doing here, and neither do they. But hijinks ensue for the few weeks that they are here.

We thought we might take this opportunity to highlight some little known facts about Peeps:


Peeps are made at Just Born, a company in Bethlehem PA. They go through a thorough quality control process: They must be uniformly shaped and colored, and their eyes must be properly placed. The ones who don’t adhere to this high standard are added to the reject pile! Not to creep you out, but…..


For more Peep factory pictures, check out this online gallery  from the New York Times – you’ll never think the same about a little pile of marshmallow.



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Posted by: on March 19, 2015   |Comments (0)|PC Community