Lending Changes!

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URI library lending changes beginning March 2015

Starting in March, the University of Rhode Island (URI) library is changing its lending policies within the HELIN consortium. Their holdings will no longer be available in the HELIN Encore catalog.

URI is asking for the return of all URI semester loan checked-out items by the latest May 12, 2015.*

The last URI item request date:                                   March 9, 2015
The last URI item checkout date:                                March 23, 2015
The last URI item due date:                                           April 20, 2015

*Don’t forget you can request these items from other lending libraries in the consortium or through an Interlibrary Loan request (from libraries outside the consortium). Library staff can help you with other options.

4 thoughts on “Lending Changes!

  • John Lawless says:

    Why is no reason given for this? It is tremendously inconvenient for PC faculty doing research off-campus (on sabbatical). Did URI give the stipulated 180 day notice?

    • atieman says:

      Unfortunately URI is changing its relationship with the HELIN Consortium, and we are unsure about non-URI access to their collections after the date above. The 180 days notice is coming from URI, and we are just passing along their wishes. We, like you, feel the negative impact of their decisions on all other Rhode Island academics (and this our flagship institution).

      URI lending may resume after their mid-June electronic-catalog changes. We will certainly keep our PC colleagues informed.

      We commiserate with you and the inconvenience caused by URI’s decisions.

  • John Lawless says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. I would like to point out that there are issues beyond “inconvenience.” Faculty sometimes recommend books for purchase by the library with the advice not to purchase a text if it is already “in the system” e.g. at URI. In the future many will not choose that option.

  • Julie K. says:

    Hi John! this is Julie Kliever, I’m in charge of Acquisitions. I completely understand your dilemma. URI’s decision has been very disruptive to us as well. We’re working to determine workflows to line up with the new reality, but we need to wait to see what URI’s lending policies will be, after this initial reconciliation. For at least the short term, if there is a book you really want, and you only see it at URI, please use the Faculty Request Form http://www.providence.edu/library/collections/Pages/faculty-request.aspx , and we will make every effort to get access to it for you. Thanks for your input!

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Posted by: on February 27, 2015   |Comments (4)|Announcements