Things that (went) bump in the night

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One of our favorite databases is VICTORIAN POPULAR CULTURE


Basic themes are



music hall

moving picturesbut we’re going to concentrate on Spiritualism, in honor of Halloween.  Spiritualism was an obsession during the Victorian period, particularly in England.

SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY was the hot new thing and how-to books, pamphlets and journals concentrated on this subject, many of which are available on this site.



There are also wonderful, hilarious POSTERS, such as



You can see the posters as a slide show.

There are also VIDEOS of silent films that go back as far as 1894 and the AUDIO selections are old Music Hall songs.

Don’t forget to check out the sideshow freaks…  you might get an idea for a costume.

Happy Halloween.

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Posted by: on October 25, 2014   |Comments (0)|online resources