Information Literacy Month!

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For the second year in a row, October is Rhode Island Information Literacy Month!  Last year, some intrepid librarians got Governor Lincoln Chafee to sign a proclamation officially declaring: Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.35.21 AM

  1. Information literacy provides the tools and skills to find, evaluate and use credible sources.
  2. The ability to find, decipher and analyze different forms of information is a key component of effective decision making
  3. Information literacy is a critical part of education.
  4. Using information acquired through technology…promotes and engaged and informed citizenry

These are skills that are not only crucial to being a successful college student, but also to being a successful and productive member of society.  Far too many students are leaving college with lackluster information literacy skills, and find themselves unable to secure meaningful employment.

We thank Governor Chafee for recognizing these crucial skills!

If you worry that your skills are lacking, do not hesitate to contact a librarian!  Librarians are the mavens of information, and we are always here to help PC students learn and grow as researchers.



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Posted by: on October 1, 2014   |Comments (0)|Announcements