Banned Books Week! Sept 21 – Sept 27 2014

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In honor of Banned Books Week, we’d like to list  the  books which are currently banned by the Staff here at Phillips Memorial Library:


See what we did there? There’s nothing in the list! BECAUSE WE DON’T BAN BOOKS!!!! What a crazy idea! However, there is indeed a Banned Books Week every year. That’s because there are still places right here in America where books are targeted and removed from shelves. We’re asking you to fight back for your (and everyone else’s) right to  intellectual freedom, and pick a banned book to read! Here is a list you can choose from.

If you visit the Library this week, you can check out (literally!) our own list of books that have been banned over the years. Just reach over the CAUTION tape, and get one!





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Posted by: on September 22, 2014   |Comments (0)|Announcements