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“Why can’t I search everything in the Library like I search Google?” We often hear this complaint.


Problem is, the Library has SO many different items – books, ebooks, databases, online journals, videos, streaming media, local collections, etc etc. Access to all of these items has traditionally required you to go to each of their web interfaces to do searching. There wasn’t a way to search EVERYTHING at once.

Well, times and technology are changing, and libraries now have a way to present a Google-like single search box to patrons. There’s something called a “discovery service” that finally brings it all together.


How does a discovery service work? A GINORMOUS index of the “metadata” from every entry of every resource gets built. (Metadata is all of the information about the entry, such as the title, author, subject, abstract, publication place and date, and even the text within the entry itself. ). Then, whenever you type in a search term, the discovery service looks through the index, relevancy-ranks all of the items that match your search terms, and displays them for you. This is true one-stop searching!

But even better – we are trialing a discovery service right now! It’s called EDS, which stands for EBSCO Discovery Service. But  don’t let the name fool you, EDS has  way more than just EBSCO resources.

EDS search box

Try it! Click on the image above to get to the EDS page.  If you’re off campus, you will be asked to log in – just use your name and PC barcode.

Keep in mind that this product is still undergoing a test drive! So it might act funky at times. But it’s definitely worth a try –  and please send us questions and feedback!





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Posted by: on April 11, 2014   |Comments (0)|online resources