The Social Art of John J. Fawcett and Frank B. Lanning

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As you scurry through the library to get to your next class or to find a quiet corner to study, slow down and take note of the newest display in the library foyer; John J. Fawcett, editorial cartoonist for the Providence Evening Bulletin and Frank B. Lanning, illustrator for the Providence Journal-Bulletin.

In 1970, John J. Fawcett, (on your left as you enter the Library) known for his satire of national and local issues relevant during his years as a newspaper illustrator, donated his drawings to Providence College.  The collection includes over 500 originals.  His editorial drawings consist of hot button items either on the political scene or social issues that are all too common today!  Rhode Islanders then and now are at the mercy of street potholes, a bane to our existence! Fawcett took up the banner of safety ratings of vehicles and the deadly combination of drinking and driving, a social issue that sadly continues today.


“They’ve Got to Be All Filled By Wednesday-  Company’s Coming”- July 14, 1969



             “Bottle Neck”                 January 7, 1967

Fawcett joined the Providence Bulletin in 1938 and won many awards during his career including four National Brotherhood Awards from the National Conference of Christians and Jews, which were given for his “outstanding treatment of human relations themes.”   A finding aid for the Fawcett collection listing the inventory of illustrations is available online:



Rev. Aloysius Begley, O.P.

To view the Lanning illustrations, turn around and take four steps to the other side of the foyer, and voilà, the Frank B. Lanning Collection!!  Lanning’s illustrations covered all Rhode Island collegiate sports through easy recognition of team mascots or his focus on Providence College Basketball and Hockey coaches as in his tribute to Rev. Aloysius Begley, O.P., Athletic Director (1940-1971) and various Providence College Presidents.   The Lanning Collection consists of approximately 80 prints. Additional illustrations can be viewed at:



For those of us unskilled in basketball, look at Friar Boy as he demonstrates the proper technique taking a shot at the net.

Thanks, Friar Boy!

Enjoy these illustrations for their awesomeness!!


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