The Winter Days of Providence College

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The first day of winter is just around the corner and though it has been rather brisk with some nasty weather thrown in, the library is a great place to be!  Kick off your shoes, relax and snuggle with a good book in the “pit” as you breathe a sigh of relief, for you are that student that has completed your exams and looking forward to the winter break and the festivities of the holidays.  Perhaps anticipating traveling a distance to join your relatives or the family gathering at your home as all are anxiously awaiting the Christmas Goose, Figgy Pudding and Tiny Tim!

All that aside; in celebration of winter and the Christmas/New Year season, the Library has a new display in the foyer.  Stop, Look and Listen…ya, I said it!!  Please make it one of your stops today or when you return to school; adjusting to your busy days of hustle and bustle of new courses, new students, new Professors, and take that moment to peruse the amazing photos of students from previous years having a rousing good snowball fight or shoveling the snow away from their cars to make a quick get-away in their Ford Pintos and VW Beetles!!

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Let the warm and fuzzy memories of childhood take you back to the days of frolicking in the snow, building snow forts, creating snow angels and your brother shoving snow down your back…maybe your brother, not mine! Or snowstorms from previous years, which brings to mind, last year’s nor’easter, Nemo, which bombarded the northeast with large accumulations of snow.  The storm hit Rhode Island on Feb. 9, 2013, dumping up to two feet of snow. Classes were cancelled and students enjoyed a weekend free for sledding, snowball fights and building snowmen. Student volunteers shoveled out St. Pius Church and homes on Eaton, Pembroke and Radcliffe. Good for the community and good for you!

Blog_in_Wordpress_Dec_16_2013_E_ (1)Or be dazzled by our brilliant display of beautiful Christmas ornaments hand selected by a committee of craftsmen and dedicated library staff and randomly chosen from the John V. Brennan ’59 Collection, one of many Special Collections tucked away in the Providence College Special and Archival Collections Department.  Take a close look, no closer, seriously, to examine the holiday trinkets in this exhibit. The word is, no not The Bird, but rumor has it that while staring at these beautiful decorations, unsuspecting library patrons, have been known to develope an overwhelming, hypnotic effect causing one to experience symptoms of shock and awe…please close your eyes, click your heels three times and step away from the exhibit.Blog_in_Wordpress_Dec_16_2013_D_ (1)

Don’t you fret none, this exhibit will be on display when you return from your winter break.

Have a healthy and Merry Christmas! Be responsible, stay warm and safe, and enjoy the New Year with family and friends.   I know I will…

We will be waiting with baited breath for your return on the 21st.




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