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The library is a quiet place, right?


Except sometimes it’s not.


Students working on group projects, printers printing, copiers copying, library staff answering questions–all of these things make some parts of the library a very noisy place to be.

So what is a diligent student to do?


Just like in life and school, you do your research.  There are many designated Quiet Zones in the library.  These are typically tucked behind bookshelves, which helps deaden the sound.

Look for these signs.


There is one Quiet Zone on the first floor of the library, but the second floor is where the real quiet happens.  If you need to find some silence, head up to the second floor and tuck yourself into a corner of the Deep Quiet Zone away from foot traffic and people doing group work. deepquiteZone (1)trimmed

If that doesn’t work, and you find  people talking or texting noisily in a designated Quiet Zone, silently text a librarian at (401) 484-7004, and we will shush the chatterbox so you can get your homework done.

Librarian Shushing

Similarly, if you’re looking for collaborative group space, head down to the basement to the Tech Hub.  You can move the chairs around, use the shared monitors and be as loud as you need!


Remember the handy Quiet Zone-ometer

quiet zonometer no text

And find your perfect place to study.

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Posted by: on November 18, 2013   |Comments (0)|Tips and Tools