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Oh sure, you know what an e-book is. You know you can buy one – they’re all over the Amazon pages. You need one of those Kindles or Nooks to read them – right? Wrong! Especially for e-books here in the Library.

Our e-books (the correct way to spell it includes a hyphen – it’s listed in the Oxford English Dictionary as “e-book”) don’t  require you to have an e-reader or app  to read them.  In fact, all of the e-books in the HELIN catalog can be read from ANY device that has a  web browser.

When you find a title that’s available in e-book format in the HELIN catalog, it might look like this:

ebrary book record in HELIN

To open the e-book, you would click “Show Links to Web Content”, and the entry to open PC ‘s “copy” will display first.

But, because we get e-books from a number of different vendors, they all look a bit different when you view them in a browser. Here are some examples:

ebrary ebook image



Here’s the title we selected in the box above. This one is from ebrary. All of the navigation buttons (next page, enlarge text, etc. ) are at the top of the window. The book cover image is shown as a thumbnail in the lower right corner.


…and another example:

ebsco ebook image

Here’s a different  e-book , from Ebsco. You have to look to the bottom of the screen to get the button to advance to the next page. There are also options along the right hand sidebar. You can also see that the book’s cover is displayed right in the main viewing window.



So what happens if you want to download them to your iPad or other mobile device? You can do that too – although you can’t download every part of every book. It’s complicated! We will explain all this in a future post….

Until then, happy e-reading!

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Posted by: on October 29, 2013   |Comments (0)|Tips and Tools