Past Presidents Exhibit

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blogWhen visiting the library, take note of the new display in the foyer “Past Providence College Presidents.”

The display features the past six presidents prior to Father Brian J. Shanley, O.P.:  Robert J. Slavin, O.P., 1947-1961,; Vincent Cyril Dore, O.P., 1961-1965; William P. Haas, O.P., 1965-1971; Thomas R. Peterson, O.P., 1971-1985; John F. Cunningham, O.P., 1985-1994,; Alphonsus P. Smith, O.P., 1994-2005.

This is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge of the history of Providence College.  By perusing the exhibit, you will learn about the highlights of each President’s tenure through their publications, biographies and viewing the photographs placed throughout the foyer display cases. Included are some amusing images that add some lightness to this display!  One example is Father Philip Smith, O.P. sitting on Santa Claus’s lap!

The exhibit also contains timelines with interesting facts about each President, in particular the names of dorms and buildings and how that came about…which leads to the “burning” question, “why is the Student Union Hall named Slavin Center?” Find the answer and more!

The display is open until December 15, 2013.

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Posted by: on October 21, 2013   |Comments (0)|Library