Doing More Than Getting Through: Enjoying the PC Experience

Doing More Than Getting Through: Enjoying the PC Experience

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Hi everyone! My name is Marla Gagne, and I’m from West Haven, Connecticut. I’m a sophomore English major and am currently living the suite-life on campus (pun intended). I am a news co-editor on The Cowl and love writing stories about what’s going on around PC. I’ve also volunteered with campus ministry and love getting involved on campus. College life can be crazy, but chicken nugget Thursdays, Friday night hockey games, and PC friends make it all worth it!


Today, like any day, I groaned when I heard my alarm go off. I might hit snooze once or twice before I decide, despite my greatest wishes, I have to actually get up for class. From there, the day seems never-ending. Getting stressed out is inevitable because there’s always a paper due, there’s always a pop quiz on the horizon, and there’s always Civ reading-seriously, Civ takes over your life. There is barely enough time to finish my homework, never mind sleep.

I think every college student has stress weeks like this. It can be hard to take a moment for yourself and regain your sanity. So how do we survive the rest of the semester? Well, I could tell you lots of tips on how to stay calm and get prepared, things like getting organized, taking breaks while studying, making to do lists, etc. (which are all very important things you should consider!).


Go Friars!

But, I think there’s something else we need to keep in mind beyond how busy we are.

We only have four years at PC. If you talk to any senior, they will say how lucky you are to be a freshman and how they wish they could do it all over again. It’s easy to get caught up in  everyday life. I know I am more concerned with when I can actually get some sleep than enjoying the moment. But, even though things are crazy busy, we also have to appreciate our short time here because it’s just that- short.

With fall finally here, we can finally see how pretty the campus is. The squirrels are attacking you with acorns, but the leaves are beautiful. I always look forward to chicken nugget Thursdays and a hello from Dot. And how many college students get to say that they watch the men’s national hockey champions play on the weekend?


Waterfire in Dowtown Providence

Some of my best PC moments are just hanging out with my friends. We’re probably doing nothing special, but having a great time doing it. It’s weird to think, but in a few years we won’t be in the same state, nevermind in the same room. So, we have to take advantage of our time to get a quick snack at LaSalle Bakery, take the zipcar for an impromptu road trip, or do a classic movie night. And don’t forget the city of Providence! Dinners at the Cheesecake are Heaven (get the chocolate cake), Waterfire is a cool night out, and who doesn’t love to go for a shopping trip at the mall?

Class itself can be difficult—homework, perfect grades, and trying to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. But, PC is full of great professors, classes that get you talking, and lots of resources (like Tutoring and Writing Centers—come visit us!).

I will be the first to agree that school is stressful. I’m definitely guilty of just trying to “get through the week.” But, as sophomore year quickly passes by, I also realize my experience is not going to last forever. Some weeks will be crazy, but try not to just “get through” every week.  PC is a great place and you don’t want to miss out on your chance to experience it!




GUEST BLOGGER: MARLA GAGNE, ‘ 18 Hi everyone! My name is Marla Gagne, and I’m from West Haven, Connecticut. I’m... MORE

14 Reasons Why We Love PC

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MelissaSheilHi Friars! My name is Melissa Sheil and I am from Southwick, Massachusetts. I am a junior psychology major with a business studies certificate, and a member of the Dirigo Leadership Honor Society. I tutor DWC, philosophy and theology in OAS, and am also a member of Tutor Cabinet. I am a Protege Mentor and this past summer I worked as a Resident Assistant/Mentor in the Friar Foundations Program. I serve as a Research Assistant in Providence College’s Social Perceptions and Attitudes Lab, and am most interested in studying academic achievement. I am an Admissions Ambassador, Special Olympics Volunteer and will be volunteering on my third Habitat for Humanity trip this Spring Break! When I’m not watching PC Basketball or Hockey games, you can find me playing intramurals (and still trying to win a t-shirt)!


Providence College is my home away from home. It has been since I stepped foot on campus for the first time, and it will continue to be a part of me long after I graduate. When I think of PC, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t Development of Western Civilization, or even the fact that we are Big East Champions. The first thing that comes to mind is that Providence College is a place that has supported me, transformed me, and allowed me to grow over the past three years.


Providence College does these things for everyone who is lucky enough to be a student on its campus. While the busyness of our day to day activities doesn’t always allow us to reflect on this transformation, we each experience special moments on campus that allow us to truly see how much we have grown in our time at PC. For me, these moments of reflection happen whenever I take a walk around campus.


As I was walking towards Slavin last night, the sun was setting and seemed to be highlighting the “I Love PC” sign on the glass walls. This past week, the Alumni & Family Weekend theme has been displayed everywhere. I took this as an opportunity to ask my peers to reflect on why they love PC. This is what I found:


1.  Clubs and Organizations: “I love the clubs and organizations. Through them I’ve met some really smart, dedicated, and passionate people and friends. They also allow for individual growth and expansion of ideas.”

         –Aida Cruz, 2015

2.  Friar Family: “I love being able to walk around and talk to everyone. It’s a great feeling knowing everyone on this campus has each other’s backs.”

     Eric Rivera, 2016

3.  Intramural Sports: “One thing I love about PC is that I have had the opportunity to play in a ton of different intramural sports. My favorite intramurals are flag football and wiffleball because it is always fun to stay active and hang out with my friends. Still waiting on that T-shirt though!”

       – Kathryn Ellersick, 2016

4.  Guzman Hall: “Guzman Hall is home to about 120 freshman boys and is the best dorm on campus! The bond created from living in Guzman Hall is invaluable. The fact that everyone who lives here cares for each other makes it the best place to live. Walking up and down the halls feeling welcome in every room you see is something really special. I couldn’t imagine not having the brothers I met in my dorm, and we will forever be a part of Guzman Hall.”

                   –Brian Sheil, 2018

5.  Opportunity for Growth: “I love PC because it is a nurturing place that allows you to grow and evolve. It has really helped me to find my calling and what I truly love in life, which is helping other students. As the saying goes, you are always a FRIAR. Knowing you can always fall back on the PC community is a bonus!”

            Marco Aurelien, 2016

6.  Everyone finds their place:I love PC because there are so many things to get involved in. Everyone has a place here.”

            – Chris Reynolds, 2018

7.  Values: “I love PC because it reflects my morals and Catholic values, and for the invaluable education that offers an array of courses.”

        –Arlin Baez, 2017

8.  Service: “Service is one of the biggest reasons I love Providence College. I am a social work major and have done two semesters of service as an element of my classes. I have also participated on Habitat for Humanity Spring Break trips for three years. Both of these opportunities have given me the ability to help those in need and grow as a student at PC and a future helping professional, which I am forever grateful for.”

         – Lindsey DePippo, 2016

9.  Friendships: “I love PC because of the friendships I’ve made and the sense of community. I’ve met some of my closest friends in my four years here, and I consider them an extension of my family.”

       Mike Giso, 2015

10.  PC’s Amazing Staff:The workers all over campus, especially those at Ray, go out of their way to brighten your day. Fran and Dot are like my grandmothers always checking up on me and giving me a compliment.”

  – Will Cavedon, 2016

11.  Campus Scenery: “My favorite thing about PC is our beautiful campus. I love being able to enjoy the scenery throughout all of the seasons as I walk to class. I especially love the trees!”

  – Ali Chapman, 2016

12.  Community: “One reason I love PC is the community. I have never been in a place that the people cared about each other so much. The students here make sure everyone is being the best they can be.”

             – Kevin Hoegler, 2017

13.  Everyone’s Love for PC:My favorite part of Providence College is that everyone at PC loves PC. When I was applying, there was not one person who did not rave about how amazing their experience was and never had anything but good things to say. This creates an irresistible energy on campus because you know that everyone is just as excited to be a part of the Friar Family as you are!”

        –Abby Wolf, 2018

 These reasons, and more, are why Alumni continue to maintain such a strong relationship with the Providence College community. PC has a lasting impact on each of its students, and fosters love within the Friar Family that endures long after a student graduates. Which brings me to the fourteenth reason why we love PC:

14.  Forever a Friar.

Personally, I view this saying as embodying what our school is all about. PC is differentiated from other colleges based on its identity as family. Take this weekend as an opportunity to reach out to your extended Friar Family- find out what they love about PC, and why they keep coming back.

Hi Friars! My name is Melissa Sheil and I am from Southwick, Massachusetts. I am a junior psychology major with... MORE

Let it SNOW!

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Providence College will be closed tomorrow for a snow day!  What do you plan on doing on a snow day?


MATT BALDASSANO ’14 – “My ideal PC snow day bucket-list is topped by sleeping to my heart’s (over-worked school-wary body’s) content), followed by watching the Nickelodeon classic and perennial winter favorite Snow Day (2000), and inevitably running out of canned soup from the last time my parents bought my groceries and having to scour for pizza joints that employ delivery drivers with 4×4’s. And I can’t forget sending pics to my friends at colleges down south who actually miss a good old fashioned Nor’easter every now and again.”


  • Sleep in and watch movies
  • Get ahead on school work
  • Make a snow man
  • Making cookies
  • Making hot chocolate
  • Watching Netflix TV series
  • Sledding anywhere you can find a hill

MARK CORREIA ’14, ’15G – “What’s better than lying down on the couch, bowl of popcorn in one hand, and TV remote in the netflixother, scrolling through possible new Netflix series to start during a snow day? NOTHING! This was my approach during snow days as an undergraduate, and frankly, I believe every snow day should be spent doing this. The older I get however, the more I realize that snow days have a greater meaning. They seem to happen at the time when I need a break the most. Ironically, I looked at my upcoming schedule for this week and realized I had a lot on my plate. Between working, 3 papers, and studying for the CPA, I questioned how I was going to get everything done. I just got an email informing me that classes have been cancelled for tonight and tomorrow night! Rather than scroll through Netflix like I normally do, these next two snow days will be spent getting ahead. Sad to think about over the next few days, but totally worth it come Friday night!”

NICOLE ROZZERO, ’16G  – On snow days when I was little I used to go sledding at Deerfield Park which covers a massive area right behind my house in Smithfield. There was one specific hill that was perfect for sledding and my friends and I used to make little jumps and ramps that we could take the sled over as we were flying down the hill. When I was younger I also used to make little igloos with my friends in the giant mounds that the snow plows would leave near my mailbox. On snow days now I usually like to read and finish school work, catch up on tv, make hot chocolate, and take my dog outside (because he loves running around in the snow)

JACKIE LOPES, ’18 – Well, typically cold is a no for me. But there’s something in the bright simplicity of first fallen snow that gives me that wintry, cozy feeling. My snow days used to be sad attempts at igloos that I saw on tv and discombobulated snowmen with slightly browned carrots. Now when I hear the snow is coming I buy fleece pajamas, stock up on hot chocolate and my sb10066505e-001favorite snacks and look out the window. I like to see fresh, white untouched snow before I get on the many layers of clothes needed to go disturb the peace. I’ll always remember my makeshift sock gloves and after a day’s play going inside, feeling the break of warmth at the apple tip of my cheekbones and sitting on a heater until I completely defrosted. Tomorrow I’ll enjoy my nephews company and wrestling with my brother like old times. Netflix can wait until late night. Have fun shoveling everyone!!!

KETURA DUVIL, ’16 – During the snow day I plan to sleep in, eat Ramen noodles, and watch hours and hours of Netflix!

WILL TONER (ASST DIR OF THE WRITING CENTER) – Although the term “Dog Days” typically refers to the hottest days of the summer, I like to think of a snow day as, quite literally, a “dog day.”  That is, a day officially dedicated to hanging with your favorite K9 – in my case, Lola (my big, brindle, Mastiff/Lab mix).

A “dog day” in the snow always begins with breakfast – I tend to share more of mine with Lola than she offers to me.  Before long, we find our way out to the garage where the shovels wait.  This happens to be one situation where not having thumbs works to Lola’s advantage – I end up shoveling while Lola chases the snow as I heave it onto the banks on either side of the driveway.  When she’s really fired up, she’ll spasm, sticking her entire head under drifts of snow and pausing…before dashing around in circles and jumping up and over the banks.

After we’re both exhausted (but also feeling quite accomplished), we might head back into the house for a second cup of coffee.  With the snow falling outside, we’ll curl up on the couch for a couple hours – me reading whatever novel I’ve been working on, and Lola taking a well-deserved nap.

In the afternoon, it’s usually time to venture out and check out the neighborhood, draped in white.  There’s nothing like a walk in the snow with your dog.  A dog’s joy in the snow always reminds me of what it felt like to be a child.

We usually find a movie or a favorite show to watch in the early evening before Lola supervises while I make a homemade chicken and veggie soup – a favorite of mine on a snow day.  Lola is always the benefactor of a few “accidentally” dropped pieces of chicken.  On days like these, bedtime usually comes pretty early for both of us.

MEGHAN MURRAY (ASSOC DIR FOR STUDENT SUCCESS) –  When I was in high school, I would jump out of bed and watch all the school closings on TV.  After staring at the streaming lists of local schools, I would eventually get ready.

You see, I went to an all-girls Catholic high school that never closed.  The administration didn’t have to worry about cleared sidewalks so we almost never had school canceled.  As you can tell, my feelings about my childhood snow days haven’t really changed.  But with snow days at PC, I will spend the day snuggling with my dog, listening to Serial podcast (which you should absolutely check out), making dinner in the crock pot and watching a movie with my husband.  Or maybe I’ll do nothing.  I have a lot of missed snow days to catch up on!


Providence College will be closed tomorrow for a snow day!  What do you plan on doing on a snow day?... MORE

A Tutor for Every Season

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jen-cyr-blogGUEST BLOGGER: JENN CYR, ’14
My name is Jenn Cyr and I’m a senior (woah) Biology major at PC. I will be contributing to PC Smartypants because of my position as an OAS Tutor. As a contributor, I plan to give readers a glance at what is going on behind-the-scenes in OAS. I love my job, mostly because it allows me to meet people from other majors and classes – tutors and tutees alike – that I normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to interact with. The Tutoring and Writing Centers are amazing resources; not only can they be helpful to people academically; they also provide students with a fun, welcoming study space. I encourage all the readers of this blog to check them out!

Everybody has that class. You know the one – where you study for three hours every night and still get clammy hands before a test. And for a lot of people, that class prompts them to ask the question, “Should I try meeting with a tutor?”

There are a surprising amount of people I’ve met who are afraid of tutoring sessions. Sometimes when I’ve mentioned to them that I work as an OAS tutor, they assume I only serve students, such as those on academic probation, who are mandated to see me. Others, especially freshmen coming to their first appointment, believe (incorrectly) that I either (A) have the same knowledge base as their PhD-holding professor, (B) have all the answers to every assignment, or (C) tutor as a full-time job. Not only does this mindset put tremendous pressure on a tutor; it also makes the Tutoring Center seem like an intimidating place.
Apple Picking 2014

In truth, the Tutoring and Writing Centers are, in my opinion, a couple of the most welcoming places on campus. It could be because of the bustle, the assortment of teas by the sign-in desk, or the basket of candy on the counter. However, I think it’s because— unlike the unapproachable images of tutors that some people construct in their minds – we’re students, too. And let’s face it: sometimes it’s nice to hear something a professor said translated into the language spoken by a peer. I try to start every session by asking my tutee about their day, their major, etc. to break the ice. I actually think it’s the most important part of an appointment. Tutors shouldn’t be viewed as experts; we’ve struggled academically, too, just not in the field we tutor. Everyone has performed poorly on tests, been stressed out, and asked for help – even us!

I’ve met some of my best friends through the OAS. A group of tutors went apple picking last weekend at Barden Family Orchards in North Scituate. We picked sweet cortlands and macs and we talked about things ranging from tutoring to the Patriots. I like to hang out with my friends after class and I’m horrifically addicted to coffee. In other words, we’re about as approachable as it gets.

Apple Picking 2 2014

(from left to right) Abbey Denham, Kristen D’Elia, Katharine Mueller, Sarah O’Brien, Tom Aviles, Jenn Cyr, Esther Ssozi, Mary Noonan, Natalie Sabia








GUEST BLOGGER: JENN CYR, ’14 My name is Jenn Cyr and I’m a senior (woah) Biology major at PC. I... MORE