Spring Break is Over

Spring Break is Over

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Manuela is the ESL/Academic Skills Specialist in the OAS.  When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with family, leisurely dinners with friends, and keeping up with all the NBC Chicago episodes.

You looked forward to the much-awaited week of spring break. The anticipation mounted as the days drew nearer and then…it was over before you could say “tequila!” Now, the transition to the routine you eagerly left behind before break seems like a form of human torture.  How do you get back on that proverbial hamster wheel?

REFLECT:  Take the time to realize that spring break was just what the doctor ordered. You may be coming off of spring break feeling like you should’ve accomplished some school work or that you slept more than you should have. Lose the guilt. You needed the time to recoup and if you slept more than usual, that was your body telling you that it was time to recharge. Be grateful for the R&R you got over break. Don’t get caught up in useless regrets over not having gotten any work done. That time is gone and you can’t get it back. It’s more fruitful to think about how to get on track again.

TAKE BABY STEPS:   You may not feel immediately motivated to hit the books, so take small steps toward getting in gear. You can start by unpacking. Leaving your unpacked bags lying around will only remind you of your long lost spring break. Get some laundry done. Put all your toiletries away, etc. Maybe even run an errand or two.

PLAN AHEAD:  As you think about what lies ahead for the remainder of the semester, it all seems like work work work work work!  Before the nostalgia of your spring break creeps in, get out your calendar. Plan for the week ahead. Make some room in your calendar for small rewards to look forward to soon. For example, pencil in some study breaks throughout the week in which you can indulge in some of Ray’s delights like FroYo, chicken nugget day, or make your own s’mores. Once you get through your first week back, plan an outing on the weekend with friends – maybe a trip to the movies or your favorite burger spot. These may pale in comparison to the week you just had in Cancun or vegging back home, but they will get you through until your next break.

Speaking of your next break…while you are updating your calendar, plug in your 5-day Easter Recess. And when that’s over there are only 26 days left before the official end of the semester. But who’s counting, right?


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Retrieved from http://killingthebreeze.com/post-spring-break-getting-back-groove/

GUEST BLOGGER: MANUELA BARCELOS Manuela is the ESL/Academic Skills Specialist in the OAS.  When she is not working, she enjoys... MORE

Best Burgers in Providence

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Hello! My name is Shane Quinn. I am a Grad Student from Waterford, Ireland. I am currently studying in order to attain my masters in counseling here at Providence College. I was part of the PC class of 2015, studying psychology as an undergraduate. I am a GA in the Office of Academic Services, providing academic support to students. I am starting my 5th year competing for our famous track team and will be competing in the 2016 indoor & outdoor track seasons. I enjoy soccer, TV and movies. Most of all, I enjoy just lounging around watching all three, regaining my strength before having to go run around in circles! Check in with me at PC Smartypants for tips to academic success.
It’s March time! And with our renewed love for the New England outdoors, why not comfortably leave your dorm and make your way to some of my favorite places to eat in Providence.

abbeyThe Abbey is one of PC’s tastiest and most convenient choices for off-campus dining. With a massive menu to choose from, it’s the Abbey’s special burger selection that takes the fancy of many PC students. They have 14 signature burgers to choose from, each one with it’s own unique structure. Located on Admiral, the Abbey is a second home for the PC community!

Another burger choice! Luxe burger has an equally tasty burger selection to the Abbey. However with Luxe, you can customize that burger.


What are your favorite places to eat?

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My name is Mckenzie Tavella and I am from Fairfield, Connecticut. I am a sophomore at Providence College and am an English: Creative Writing and Psychology double major. Some of my favorite things are Harry Potter, both the series and the films, Marvel Superheroes, and sketching Disney cartoons. I love music, art and writing. However, more than anything, I love dogs.


I have a proposition to offer – I believe that second semester should be renamed to sick semester. Is it me, or does it seem like every single student gets sick at least once second semester? Of course, it is flu season, and sinus infection season, and laryngitis, and common cold; I could go on and on. I have been disease-ridden with at least two sinus infections during both of my spring semesters at Providence College so far. However, a perk of repeatedly getting sick is that I am now an expert at the “sick semester” in college. I am going to share my secret to success of sickness with you, but you have to trust that I know what I am talking about, even if they seem a little wacky. Also, if you don’t do them all, it’s no longer full proof.

Okay, the first thing that you have to do is drink orange juice constantly. By constantly, I mean multiple glasses a day. Also, the orange juice in Ray is not real orange juice, but simply water with orange flavoring. Purchase a bottle of orange juice from Alumni or Dunkin Donuts. Next, once you get bored of orange juice, switch to water. You need to have at least four bottles each day, and that’s when you aren’t sick.

The next task might seem a little gross, but here it goes- don’t be afraid to blow your nose. First off, no one likes a “sniffler,” especially during a quiz or exam. Don’t keep the bad, yucky – let’s just call it “stuff” – in your system. Now this one might seem surprising but stay away from cough drops, they don’t work. If you have a soar throat that you want to fix fast, get a glass of warm water and fill it with salt, then gargle the entire glass. For food purposes, chicken noodle soup always, always hits the spot, no matter what. I also recommend adding some saltine crackers in the soup, accompanied by ginger ale because sometimes the “yucky stuff” can give you a stomachache as well.

This last one has been passed down in my family and is an old, Italian trade secret. Invest in a bottle of Vicks vapor rub and don’t just put it on your nose, but put it on your upper chest and … your feet. Yes, I know this may seem a bit unconventional, but it works. After rubbing Vicks on your feet, cover them with plain, white cotton socks. By the morning, the Vicks should be gone and you should feel a lot better. Everyone do campus a favor and follow this advice, it will work and will help us all.

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It’s Spring semester – but will this snow ever melt!?!

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Junior Sociology & Women’s Studies double major from Sartell, Minnesota. Passionate about education for all, equality for all, and daring greatly. Interests include good books, spending time with family and friends, travel, & breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good Samaritan. Proud younger sister & friend to amazing people. At PC, I am an Orientation Leader, Writing tutor, Admissions Ambassadors, member of the 65th Student Congress, and a Protégé mentor.




Spring semester is an amazing time to be on campus – tons of prospective students have recently been accepted and are visiting, trying to imagine themselves in our shoes. As an Admissions Ambassador, I have the opportunity to show some of these future Friars around and to boast about how much I love PC. As of right now, we’re still adjusting to our new classes, preparing upcoming events for our clubs, and still trying to hit the gym in preparation for spring break. Even though the snow doesn’t seem to be leaving us any time soon, in just a few short weeks that enormous-trunked tree on the quad will blossom once again and come back to life, along with the rest of campus. The quad will soon be green again, and hundreds of people will spring from their dorms to read, play catch, and talk with friends while music blasts in the background—the  picturesque college scene.

One on-going event to look into is the weekly Breakfast of Champions series put on by the Office of Orientation, Transitions & Leadership, which has just started (it’s not too late to join!); it’s a great opportunity to learn new leadership skills that apply to PC and real life.

Other things to look forward to are the Big East Tournament in March (and maybe March Madness this year?!). Keep going to games and cheering on our Friars! The game on Saturday against Seton Hall this weekend during Alumni & Parent weekend promises to be a nail biter!

In addition to these fun events, the spring concert in just around the corner too. Previous acts include Hoodie Allen + Third Eye Blind, Avicii, and Krewella. Who will it be this year?! Board of Programmers announces the artist near the end of March, after spring break.

Once the snow finally melts, it’s great to get out and walk around Providence – whether it’s on Federal Hill, Prospect Park, or near Thayer and the East Side, it’s fun to explore our beautiful city and find neat places. Favorite places of mine to pop into are Pizza Pie-er on Wickenden Street, Kabob & Curry on Thayer for great Indian food, and Newport Creamery down the street on Smith for the infamous Awful-Awful.

What are some things you’re looking forward to in the coming months?

GUEST BLOGGER: ERINN MILES ’16 Junior Sociology & Women’s Studies double major from Sartell, Minnesota. Passionate about education for all,... MORE