6 Essential Ways to Stand Out in a Group Interview

6 Essential Ways to Stand Out in a Group Interview

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Many thanks to Mark Correia ’14, ’15G, Erinn Miles ’16, and Melissa Sheil ’16 for their suggestions and personal experiences!

It is that time of the semester where there is excitement in the air and I’m not talking about our basketball team.  Students are starting the interviewing process for various clubs and positions on campus.  So whether you want to be an Orientation Leader, a Writing Tutor or an RA, please remember the following advice….

Social Media Image
This one can be tricky, but be aware of what your Twitter/Instagram says about you (even if it is blocked).  Tweeting about how wasted you got on a snow day is not a good look – for any position on-campus.  In a few years, you will graduate and look for a job so start thinking about your brand now.  If you put up goofy videos on YouTube, take them down.  That meme about Trump that you think is funny (but also somewhat racist), take it down. Tweeting about your annoying professor may be hilarious to your friends, but how does it look to an administrator looking to fill a position?

Group Interviews – With Friends or Strangers?
For group interviews, there are 5-6 other students all vying for the same spot and then there are a few current members asking questions and writing down your responses – it can be super intimidating.  Most students claim that it is better to interview with people they don’t know (as opposed to fighting over a spot with their friends) but the choice is yours.  Would you feel more or less comfortable highlighting your accomplishments (or failures) with your friends?  Also, some students claim that it’s best to sign up for the last group interview time so you can make a final impression right before decisions are made.  I don’t know how much truth there is to that, but I’ll pass that tip along.

Be Engaged
While other students are talking, be careful to listen and not mentally zone out.  Pay attention to other students responses and look happy to be interviewing for the position- it says a lot about how you work in a team and how engaged you will be in the position.  And if another student answers a question poorly, try not to make a face or roll your eyes.

Prep Work
While this may seem obvious, be sure to really prepare.  You will be asked tough questions (How do you respond to a resident that has been drinking?) so the more you think about your responses, the more calm and prepared you will be.  Write down your thoughts on your leadership style, what strengths you bring to an organization, etc.  Also, do a quick google search for Student Leadership Interview Questions to start thinking of how you would answer those questions.

Show Up
Often times, with group interviews you get to select a time.  When you sign up for that time, be sure to write it down in your planner/phone so you don’t forget it.  Missing your interview is a big no-no, but I’ve seen it happen.

Sell Yourself
Do not be afraid to showcase your achievements.  The key is to do so without sounding overconfident (this is where it is important to do the prep work).  Most of the positions you will be interviewing are positions of leadership, and so you need to show that during your interview. While it’s normal to get nervous, be sure to speak up!

What are your best strategies for a successful group interview?


Many thanks to Mark Correia ’14, ’15G, Erinn Miles ’16, and Melissa Sheil ’16 for their suggestions and personal experiences!... MORE

14 Reasons Why We Love PC

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MelissaSheilHi Friars! My name is Melissa Sheil and I am from Southwick, Massachusetts. I am a junior psychology major with a business studies certificate, and a member of the Dirigo Leadership Honor Society. I tutor DWC, philosophy and theology in OAS, and am also a member of Tutor Cabinet. I am a Protege Mentor and this past summer I worked as a Resident Assistant/Mentor in the Friar Foundations Program. I serve as a Research Assistant in Providence College’s Social Perceptions and Attitudes Lab, and am most interested in studying academic achievement. I am an Admissions Ambassador, Special Olympics Volunteer and will be volunteering on my third Habitat for Humanity trip this Spring Break! When I’m not watching PC Basketball or Hockey games, you can find me playing intramurals (and still trying to win a t-shirt)!


Providence College is my home away from home. It has been since I stepped foot on campus for the first time, and it will continue to be a part of me long after I graduate. When I think of PC, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t Development of Western Civilization, or even the fact that we are Big East Champions. The first thing that comes to mind is that Providence College is a place that has supported me, transformed me, and allowed me to grow over the past three years.


Providence College does these things for everyone who is lucky enough to be a student on its campus. While the busyness of our day to day activities doesn’t always allow us to reflect on this transformation, we each experience special moments on campus that allow us to truly see how much we have grown in our time at PC. For me, these moments of reflection happen whenever I take a walk around campus.


As I was walking towards Slavin last night, the sun was setting and seemed to be highlighting the “I Love PC” sign on the glass walls. This past week, the Alumni & Family Weekend theme has been displayed everywhere. I took this as an opportunity to ask my peers to reflect on why they love PC. This is what I found:


1.  Clubs and Organizations: “I love the clubs and organizations. Through them I’ve met some really smart, dedicated, and passionate people and friends. They also allow for individual growth and expansion of ideas.”

         –Aida Cruz, 2015

2.  Friar Family: “I love being able to walk around and talk to everyone. It’s a great feeling knowing everyone on this campus has each other’s backs.”

     Eric Rivera, 2016

3.  Intramural Sports: “One thing I love about PC is that I have had the opportunity to play in a ton of different intramural sports. My favorite intramurals are flag football and wiffleball because it is always fun to stay active and hang out with my friends. Still waiting on that T-shirt though!”

       – Kathryn Ellersick, 2016

4.  Guzman Hall: “Guzman Hall is home to about 120 freshman boys and is the best dorm on campus! The bond created from living in Guzman Hall is invaluable. The fact that everyone who lives here cares for each other makes it the best place to live. Walking up and down the halls feeling welcome in every room you see is something really special. I couldn’t imagine not having the brothers I met in my dorm, and we will forever be a part of Guzman Hall.”

                   –Brian Sheil, 2018

5.  Opportunity for Growth: “I love PC because it is a nurturing place that allows you to grow and evolve. It has really helped me to find my calling and what I truly love in life, which is helping other students. As the saying goes, you are always a FRIAR. Knowing you can always fall back on the PC community is a bonus!”

            Marco Aurelien, 2016

6.  Everyone finds their place:I love PC because there are so many things to get involved in. Everyone has a place here.”

            – Chris Reynolds, 2018

7.  Values: “I love PC because it reflects my morals and Catholic values, and for the invaluable education that offers an array of courses.”

        –Arlin Baez, 2017

8.  Service: “Service is one of the biggest reasons I love Providence College. I am a social work major and have done two semesters of service as an element of my classes. I have also participated on Habitat for Humanity Spring Break trips for three years. Both of these opportunities have given me the ability to help those in need and grow as a student at PC and a future helping professional, which I am forever grateful for.”

         – Lindsey DePippo, 2016

9.  Friendships: “I love PC because of the friendships I’ve made and the sense of community. I’ve met some of my closest friends in my four years here, and I consider them an extension of my family.”

       Mike Giso, 2015

10.  PC’s Amazing Staff:The workers all over campus, especially those at Ray, go out of their way to brighten your day. Fran and Dot are like my grandmothers always checking up on me and giving me a compliment.”

  – Will Cavedon, 2016

11.  Campus Scenery: “My favorite thing about PC is our beautiful campus. I love being able to enjoy the scenery throughout all of the seasons as I walk to class. I especially love the trees!”

  – Ali Chapman, 2016

12.  Community: “One reason I love PC is the community. I have never been in a place that the people cared about each other so much. The students here make sure everyone is being the best they can be.”

             – Kevin Hoegler, 2017

13.  Everyone’s Love for PC:My favorite part of Providence College is that everyone at PC loves PC. When I was applying, there was not one person who did not rave about how amazing their experience was and never had anything but good things to say. This creates an irresistible energy on campus because you know that everyone is just as excited to be a part of the Friar Family as you are!”

        –Abby Wolf, 2018

 These reasons, and more, are why Alumni continue to maintain such a strong relationship with the Providence College community. PC has a lasting impact on each of its students, and fosters love within the Friar Family that endures long after a student graduates. Which brings me to the fourteenth reason why we love PC:

14.  Forever a Friar.

Personally, I view this saying as embodying what our school is all about. PC is differentiated from other colleges based on its identity as family. Take this weekend as an opportunity to reach out to your extended Friar Family- find out what they love about PC, and why they keep coming back.

Hi Friars! My name is Melissa Sheil and I am from Southwick, Massachusetts. I am a junior psychology major with... MORE

It’s Spring semester – but will this snow ever melt!?!

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Junior Sociology & Women’s Studies double major from Sartell, Minnesota. Passionate about education for all, equality for all, and daring greatly. Interests include good books, spending time with family and friends, travel, & breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good Samaritan. Proud younger sister & friend to amazing people. At PC, I am an Orientation Leader, Writing tutor, Admissions Ambassadors, member of the 65th Student Congress, and a Protégé mentor.




Spring semester is an amazing time to be on campus – tons of prospective students have recently been accepted and are visiting, trying to imagine themselves in our shoes. As an Admissions Ambassador, I have the opportunity to show some of these future Friars around and to boast about how much I love PC. As of right now, we’re still adjusting to our new classes, preparing upcoming events for our clubs, and still trying to hit the gym in preparation for spring break. Even though the snow doesn’t seem to be leaving us any time soon, in just a few short weeks that enormous-trunked tree on the quad will blossom once again and come back to life, along with the rest of campus. The quad will soon be green again, and hundreds of people will spring from their dorms to read, play catch, and talk with friends while music blasts in the background—the  picturesque college scene.

One on-going event to look into is the weekly Breakfast of Champions series put on by the Office of Orientation, Transitions & Leadership, which has just started (it’s not too late to join!); it’s a great opportunity to learn new leadership skills that apply to PC and real life.

Other things to look forward to are the Big East Tournament in March (and maybe March Madness this year?!). Keep going to games and cheering on our Friars! The game on Saturday against Seton Hall this weekend during Alumni & Parent weekend promises to be a nail biter!

In addition to these fun events, the spring concert in just around the corner too. Previous acts include Hoodie Allen + Third Eye Blind, Avicii, and Krewella. Who will it be this year?! Board of Programmers announces the artist near the end of March, after spring break.

Once the snow finally melts, it’s great to get out and walk around Providence – whether it’s on Federal Hill, Prospect Park, or near Thayer and the East Side, it’s fun to explore our beautiful city and find neat places. Favorite places of mine to pop into are Pizza Pie-er on Wickenden Street, Kabob & Curry on Thayer for great Indian food, and Newport Creamery down the street on Smith for the infamous Awful-Awful.

What are some things you’re looking forward to in the coming months?

GUEST BLOGGER: ERINN MILES ’16 Junior Sociology & Women’s Studies double major from Sartell, Minnesota. Passionate about education for all,... MORE

The Journey to College Success

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My name is Francisco Oller, I am a Junior Management Major and I was born with a rare genetic disease called Pelizaeus Merzbacher. My disability has made me into a determined and courageous person. I was born in Puerto Rico and I have lived there until I came to Providence College. My goal in life is to be successful in all that I may pursue and never let my physical limitations deter me from enjoying life.


What If I were to tell you that the confident and loud PC student that you see every day rolling around campus was not always like this?  When I entered Providence College I was very shy and mostly kept to myself because the transition from high school to college was overwhelming.  I came from a small private school in Puerto Rico of about 250 students and my life was changing academically, socially and culturally.  In addition, I was leaving everything I had known my entire life, including my mom’s rice and beans.

At first I asked myself, what was I doing here? Why did I decide to leave the place home? I came from a very small school of about 250 students. I experienced a huge shock my first day on campus when I saw that I had 991 classmates.  Like many of you, I felt alone. I wondered every day, would people accept me for who I am and look beyond my handicap?

Cisco's speech on April 16, 2013

Cisco’s speech on April 16, 2013

Initially, I felt that people were apprehensive asking me about my medical condition.  At the time, I was afraid to share.  My life forever changed when I delivered my motivational speech to a crowd in McPhails and since that day I have not looked back.  I realized that not everyone has the courage to stand in front of a crowd of hundreds, but you can do this by just saying hi.  I have met some of my best friends because I was doing laps in Ray and decided to go up to a table and introduce myself.  Don’t be afraid to do introduce yourself to unknown fellow classmates because you never know how positively you might impact that person or how that person might impact you.

Since arriving at Providence College, people have shaped me into who I am and have helped me realize that I am not alone in this journey.  My experiences inside and outside of the classroom have transformed me into a confident, adaptable and resilient individual and this is why I encourage you to get involved.  The camaraderie at Providence College has made me overlook my disability.  I love that people see me for who I am and not just because I have the coolest wheels on campus.  My goals, interests and hobbies are similar to many other college students.  My problems and concerns are just like yours: study for exams, write papers, read and prepare for class (well most of the time).  I look forward to graduation, landing a career, and overcoming any curve balls life may throw at me!

The crowd was so large the speech was moved from Slavin Soft Lounge to McPhail's

The crowd was so large the speech was moved from Slavin Soft Lounge to McPhail’s

My friends and professors have told me that I inspire them by just being me. This is why I believe that God gives each person specific talents and abilities, not only for their benefit of themselves, but for the benefit of others. I have faced many challenges but I’m living life as though I have no limits. I am proud to call myself a Providence College student and you should be too.  The best advice I can tell you is take your own transition day by day and just be you!

  GUEST BLOGGER: CISCO OLLER, ’16 My name is Francisco Oller, I am a Junior Management Major and I was... MORE

A Burrito Bash!

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Members of Protege, our peer mentoring group, officially kicked-off the new school year at a dinner filled with yummy food and new friends.  On Tuesday, freshmen were introduced to their mentors during a Burrito Bash held in Slavin.

Protege Dinner 9

Our burrito bar from Cilantro’s Mexican Grille

This was the first time that our Protege mentees and mentors came together this semester.  Students have been paired up based upon major, clubs/organizations, and interests.  Mentors work to help their mentee during the fall semester by getting them connected to any resources and showing them the in’s and out’s of PC life.

Protege Dinner 3

Mentors and mentees at our first event.

Students will meet weekly to chat, in addition to the monthly social events that our Leadership Board will host.  Our ultimate goal is to help these freshmen get acclimated to campus culture so they can grow as student leaders.


Members of Protege, our peer mentoring group, officially kicked-off the new school year at a dinner filled with yummy food and... MORE