Are you ready for some football?

Are you ready for some football?

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Yes, Friars, it is Superbowl time.  And no matter who you are rooting for – Falcons, Patriots, Lady Gaga, or some delicious wings, there is something we need to discuss.

I’ve been chatting with students all week about Sunday.  And no, it’s not about what team will win, but rather, how will they schedule their time to study this weekend and enjoy the game with their friends.  Most students use Sundays as a day to get much of their studying done, so I challenge all of you to plan ahead.

If you are watching the game with friends (I recommend going to McPhail’s) be sure to get extra work done on Saturday and Sunday morning.  The key to success in college is managing your time – you manage your time best when you plan ahead and follow a schedule.  Create a to-do list for the weekend and guess how long it will take to complete each task.


So, plan ahead, enjoy the game with your friends, and GO PATS!*



*Full disclosure: this article may be slightly biased. 

Yes, Friars, it is Superbowl time.  And no matter who you are rooting for – Falcons, Patriots, Lady Gaga, or... MORE

Finals in Friartown – Games of Thrones Style

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1. When your DWC professor gives the essay ahead of time.


2. When the line at Dunkin Donuts goes past the bookstore.

3. When you go to bed before 2am.


4. When classmates brag about how easy the final was.


5. When you attend a study session and know all the answers.

6. When you find an open seat in Club Phil.


7. When you start talking about the final with other students in the class and you realize you did not get the same answers.


8. When the highlight of your day is the free food from BOP’s study breaks.


9. When you walk out of your last final.


Best of luck with finals! Love, OAS

1. When your DWC professor gives the essay ahead of time.   2. When the line at Dunkin Donuts goes past... MORE

The Cowl: News, Tradition, and Uniquely PC

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Hi everyone! My name is Marla Gagne, and I’m from West Haven, Connecticut. I’m a sophomore English major and am currently living the suite-life on campus (pun intended). I am a news co-editor on The Cowl and love writing stories about what’s going on around PC. I’ve also volunteered with campus ministry and love getting involved on campus. College life can be crazy, but chicken nugget Thursdays, Friday night hockey games, and PC friends make it all worth it!


What do you think of when you see the word the “cowl”?  You have probably heard it before but, just like Adele’s last name, you don’t know exactly what it is. A cowl is actually the hood of a Dominican Friars’ robe. It also happens to be the name for our very own student-run school newspaper, The Cowl.

I applied to The Cowl after attending my first club fair as a freshman. I had done a little writing in high school and thought, “why not continue?” I was lucky enough to be chosen for the news section and immediately sent on my first assignment. Almost two years later, I am still writing and am now News co-Cowl2editor of my section.

For me, The Cowl is a hidden gem. In an age of great technology, we are always looking for news on our phones—the Internet and social media are right at our tips. But The Cowl is something special for the College. It’s written for PC students by PC students and looks at the ins and outs of our very own world.

The News Section has the investigators, who cover events and research issues on campus. Opinion expresses its own thoughts on everything from combating discrimination on campus to ranting about pre-season decorating. Arts and Entertainment gives us the latest on movies, plays, celebrities, TV shows, and hot food spots in the city. Portfolio is a creative writing section, Sports keeps us up to date with every team and its players, and photography captures everything happening on campus—it could even be what you are doing.

This past year was an exciting time for The Cowl, as we celebrated our 80th anniversary.

In honor of our big year, I looked back at one of the first issues of The Cowl. The front-page talked about the success of the football team, now non-existent, and the creation of a club hockey team, which would later become national champions. Other issues talked about Aquinas being turned into a girl’s dormitory when the College went co-ed, the celebration of another Oktoberfest in the fall, and the first females being part of the ROTC program.Cowl1

The Cowl is part of the tradition, history, and culture of a changing college that has allowed me to meet great people on staff, get involved in what’s happening around campus, and give students a voice.

In my two years here, I have tried many activities from ballroom dance to teaching English to Spanish speaking Ray workers. Some stuck with me and others did not work in my schedule or were not for me.  But the important thing is that I found things in the end that really made me part of the PC community. So as you look at the last few months of the school year, examine yourself. What have I tried? What have I wished that I had done? Try to go out and find something that fits you and become part of PC’s ongoing story.

 The Cowl is always looking for new writers and interested students can apply at Stay in tune with what is happening around campus by going on, following our twitter @TheCowl, or picking up an issue every Thursday night!

GUEST BLOGGER: MARLA GAGNE, ‘ 18 Hi everyone! My name is Marla Gagne, and I’m from West Haven, Connecticut. I’m... MORE

5 Things I Wish I Knew as a Freshmen

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Hey Fellow Friars! My name is Jenny Gilligan, and I am from South Windsor, Connecticut. I am a sophomore here at Providence College, with a major in Finance and minor in Spanish. Unfortunately, being a declared major does not correlate to having any clue what career path you aspire to follow. I am a first year tutor in OAS, tutoring Economics, Calculus, and Spanish, and am very excited to learn a lot from working as a tutor! I play on PC’s first ever club lacrosse team, and also participate in campus ministry. I look forward to getting more involved in the PC community as a Sophomore, because anyone that know me will tell you, I am very proud to be a friar.


If your anything like I was as a freshmen, you may have been so excited for all things college, that you may have failed to acknowledge that no matter how well you adjusted to college life, it would still be just that; an adjustment. Even though I had seen my four older sisters go through the adjustment to college, there were certain things I wished they had told me. So here are a few of the most valuable lessons I learned throughout my first year at Providence College.


1.  Office hours are not scary

I remember being terrified that if I went to office hours I would ask all the wrong questions, or the professor would have no desire to talk to me and be totally un-helpful. This is a huge myth. If you do anything, go to office hours. At the very least your professor will be impressed that you showed up as soon as you had a problem. Trust me, initiative is rewarded.


2.  College is NOT the era of Netflix

Most likely, you have friends like mine that told you how much Netflix they watched their freshman year. Well this may be true, it doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, true for you. Luckily, I learned this was not my reality pretty quickly. Long hours in the Library are unavoidable, but are a lot more bearable when you know you are leaving to go hangout with your friends, or at least watch Netflix with your friends. College is going to be so much more enjoyable with a great group of friends to rely on, so shut your laptop, turn of Friends, and go make some Friends. It’s not as hard as you may think.


3.  Using a tutor does not make you stupid

I guarantee you at some point this year you will have a subject, or a concept, that may not come as easily to you. Luckily, you’re at Providence College and have helpful resources all around. Don’t be embarrassed to use a tutor, because chances are you’re tutor has used a tutor in the Office of Academic Services at least once. I’ve learned that there is no greater help than a student who went through that very same class and had the very same questions. If you’re downstairs in the library struggling with you’re work, do your self a favor, walk upstairs and make an appointment. You’ll thank me later!


4.  You may not be as busy as you think you are

Yes you have a lot of homework. But yes, you have for time for that one club you really wanted to join even though it meets twice a week, and yes, you do have time for church. Maybe the girls on your floor aren’t going to be your best friends, but that one girl you sit next to every meeting will be. You never know, so get involved! You won’t regret it! Maybe you went to church every weekend at home, or maybe you didn’t. But if it is 10 o’clock in a Sunday night, your just finished your work and you are choosing between that episode of Orange is The New Black, and going to 10:30 mass, the answer is always mass. It’s the perfect way to let go of the stress of one week, and energize for the next. Always avoid excuses!


5.  Call your mother

Yes, she probably will ask you when the last time you washed your sheets was, or when the last time you went to church was, but she also may have some good advice. Having a small roommate problem? Chances are, she had those in college too, and she also knows everything about you, especially your most annoying traits. Meaning, she will tell you if you’re being unrealistic and need to quickly change your ways. Or maybe you have a sore throat and are avoiding solving the problem because you don’t know where health services is; you’re mom will tell you to get down there within the next hour, and you will listen. You’re mom is your biggest supporter, and you’re toughest critic. College requires both.









GUEST BLOGGER: JENNY GILLIGAN, ’18 Hey Fellow Friars! My name is Jenny Gilligan, and I am from South Windsor, Connecticut.... MORE

Friar Family

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Junior Sociology & Women’s Studies double major from Sartell, Minnesota. Passionate about education for all, equality for all, and daring greatly. Interests include good books, spending time with family and friends, travel, & breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good Samaritan. Proud younger sister and friend to amazing people. At PC, I am an Orientation Coordinator, Writing tutor, Admissions Ambassador, member of the 65th Student Congress Outreach Committee, and a Protégé mentor.


On Sunday, I helped facilitate the Junior Leadership Conference through the Student Congress Outreach Committee. For this event, high school juniors from all over Rhode Island were invited to campus for a day of workshops and learning more themselves as well as the college application process, and college in general. When I led a small group session about applying to colleges as well as involvement and how to have a successful college career, one student spoke up. He said that I had spoken so highly of PC and how easy my decision to attend Providence College seemed. The student asked, “What happens if you don’t get that ‘feeling’ of a perfect fit?” I was stopped in my tracks; I knew PC was the perfect fit for me because of so many reasons: the small community here is so inclusive, and I felt that before I was even a student. This community is still so inclusive, welcoming, and wonderful to me four years after I made the decision to attend here.


In light of the events surrounding the Friars winning the National Title this weekend and upcoming social events on and off campus, I hope to be assured of this community at PC. I’ve felt a part of the Friar Family since day one, and I would hope that this sense of community does not peter out over students’ frustrations.


We are all wonderful people; we each have done truly great things here and have amazing goals and prospects for our futures. Let’s remember how we all felt when we first stepped onto PC’s campus our first day as new students. Let’s remember how welcomed our Orientation Leaders made us feel, how our professors care about our future success, and how many resources are available to us on a daily basis.


As a valued member of our Friar Family, I plan on looking out for my friends and peers in the coming weeks, both in the classroom and outside of it; in the dorms and on the quad. I hope we can all do the same.

GUEST BLOGGER: ERINN MILES, ’16 Junior Sociology & Women’s Studies double major from Sartell, Minnesota. Passionate about education for all,... MORE