Doing More Than Getting Through: Enjoying the PC Experience

Doing More Than Getting Through: Enjoying the PC Experience

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Hi everyone! My name is Marla Gagne, and I’m from West Haven, Connecticut. I’m a sophomore English major and am currently living the suite-life on campus (pun intended). I am a news co-editor on The Cowl and love writing stories about what’s going on around PC. I’ve also volunteered with campus ministry and love getting involved on campus. College life can be crazy, but chicken nugget Thursdays, Friday night hockey games, and PC friends make it all worth it!


Today, like any day, I groaned when I heard my alarm go off. I might hit snooze once or twice before I decide, despite my greatest wishes, I have to actually get up for class. From there, the day seems never-ending. Getting stressed out is inevitable because there’s always a paper due, there’s always a pop quiz on the horizon, and there’s always Civ reading-seriously, Civ takes over your life. There is barely enough time to finish my homework, never mind sleep.

I think every college student has stress weeks like this. It can be hard to take a moment for yourself and regain your sanity. So how do we survive the rest of the semester? Well, I could tell you lots of tips on how to stay calm and get prepared, things like getting organized, taking breaks while studying, making to do lists, etc. (which are all very important things you should consider!).


Go Friars!

But, I think there’s something else we need to keep in mind beyond how busy we are.

We only have four years at PC. If you talk to any senior, they will say how lucky you are to be a freshman and how they wish they could do it all over again. It’s easy to get caught up in  everyday life. I know I am more concerned with when I can actually get some sleep than enjoying the moment. But, even though things are crazy busy, we also have to appreciate our short time here because it’s just that- short.

With fall finally here, we can finally see how pretty the campus is. The squirrels are attacking you with acorns, but the leaves are beautiful. I always look forward to chicken nugget Thursdays and a hello from Dot. And how many college students get to say that they watch the men’s national hockey champions play on the weekend?


Waterfire in Dowtown Providence

Some of my best PC moments are just hanging out with my friends. We’re probably doing nothing special, but having a great time doing it. It’s weird to think, but in a few years we won’t be in the same state, nevermind in the same room. So, we have to take advantage of our time to get a quick snack at LaSalle Bakery, take the zipcar for an impromptu road trip, or do a classic movie night. And don’t forget the city of Providence! Dinners at the Cheesecake are Heaven (get the chocolate cake), Waterfire is a cool night out, and who doesn’t love to go for a shopping trip at the mall?

Class itself can be difficult—homework, perfect grades, and trying to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. But, PC is full of great professors, classes that get you talking, and lots of resources (like Tutoring and Writing Centers—come visit us!).

I will be the first to agree that school is stressful. I’m definitely guilty of just trying to “get through the week.” But, as sophomore year quickly passes by, I also realize my experience is not going to last forever. Some weeks will be crazy, but try not to just “get through” every week.  PC is a great place and you don’t want to miss out on your chance to experience it!




GUEST BLOGGER: MARLA GAGNE, ‘ 18 Hi everyone! My name is Marla Gagne, and I’m from West Haven, Connecticut. I’m... MORE

And The Gold Medal Goes To…

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My name is Mckenzie Tavella and I am from Fairfield, Connecticut. I am a sophomore at Providence College and am an English: Creative Writing and Psychology double major. Some of my favorite things are Harry Potter, both the series and the films, Marvel Superheroes, and sketching Disney cartoons. I love music, art and writing. However, more than anything, I love dogs.


I have to say that this fall in Friartown has been the best one yet. Although I am biased because fall is my favorite season, this one trumps all of the others. It could be because I currently have a class with the best teacher PC has to offer. His name is Professor Reeder, and I am sure you have heard of him some way or another. Unlike nearly everyone else at PC, I didn’t use the rate my professor website until recently. When students are preparing for registration, this is the website they turn to in order to see what their professors will be like. This can make or break a course. However, since I didn’t use it, getting Professor Reeder was pure luck. When I told my friends who I had for my 17th century class, one of them piped up and immediately said “Professor Reeder is THE man” and “You’re going to love him.” He told me to drop his name, “Johnny Smooth” and that Professor Reeder would remember him. He was right, about all of it. Professor Reeder is true to his 4.7 rating, but if you ask me, he’s a solid five. Not only does his personality brighten my Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12:30-1:20, but he actually cares about the material of the class and the students he is teaching.

In addition to his stellar attitude, he is also very fair. He hands out a syllabus on the first day of class, andReeder sticks to what it says, only wavering if it benefits his class. He doesn’t surprise his class with a pop quiz, which is a much bigger curve ball than teachers let on. He also opens up his classes with light and free conversation, always giving us something to laugh about. One time, he even made the weather funny. If you are similar to me and didn’t know about rate my professor, I now know that it is accurate, so I recommend using it. It is a relief to know that the majority of PC students agree with me, since I couldn’t find a single negative review on Reeder. Reeder deserves more than a dedication, but a gold star that should be pinned on his daily sweaters. This way everyone in sight of him would know how great he is, without having to view a website for proof.


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Finals Week in Friartown – By Beyonce

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Editors Note: This blog was not actually written by Beyonce.  Rather it was inspired by Beyonce and written by Mark Correia ’14 and Rebecca Morse ’14.


1.  When your DWC professor gives the essay ahead of time.


2.  When the line at Dunkin Donuts goes past the bookstore.


3.  When you go to bed before 2am.


4.  When you are thankful that the professor didn’t make the final cumulative. 


5.  When you start calculating the lowest grade you need on the final to still pass the class.


6.  When you attend a study session and know all the answers.


7.  When you find an open seat in Club Phil.  


8.  When you start talking about the final with other students in the class and you realize you did not get the same answers.


9.  When the highlight of your day is the free food from BOP’s study breaks.


10.  When you walk out of your last final.

Good luck with finals!  Have a great summer and see you in the fall! Love, OAS

Editors Note: This blog was not actually written by Beyonce.  Rather it was inspired by Beyonce and written by Mark... MORE

Don’t Read Over Your Notes

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As we enter the final week of the semester, students often discuss how the are preparing for their finals.  I have many discussions with students regarding how they plan on studying for their exams.  Below is a reenactment of some of the conversations (with my secret inner reactions) that I’ve had over the past week.

Me: So, you have your DWC final next week – how do you plan on studying?
Student:  Oh, I’m going to review and re-read my notes.

(and on the inside I’m like)


Me: OK – Any plans on making a study guide with friends?
Student:  No – I have really great notes so I will read them over.

(and on the inside I cry a little)


Me:  What about studying with friends?  Going over the material as a group and discussing possible questions?
Student: Eh, no.  I like to study alone.

(now I begin to wonder if I’m bad at my job – have I taught these students nothing?)


Me:  OK, well in addition to reading over you notes, have you thought about making flash cards?
Student:  Oh no, I don’t like flash cards.

 (OK, I give up)

Obviously, this is an exaggerated version of conversations but I wanted to point out something – reading over your notes is not enough preparation for an exam.  When preparing for an exam, you need to have some method to ‘check-in’ to ensure you are adequately retaining the information.  Creating study guides, using flash cards, or studying with friends are some ways to see if you are remembering the information and making connections.  Find a method that works for you but remember – reading over your notes is not enough!

As we enter the final week of the semester, students often discuss how the are preparing for their finals.  I... MORE

The One-Coin Loophole

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Lately, I’ve been listening to podcasts on my commute as a way to pass the time.  It all started when I fell down the rabbit hole known as Serial  (I do think Adnan had something to do with the murder) and I’ve been hooked ever since.  The most recent podcast that has intrigued me is Happier with Gretchen Rubin.  It offers various tips and insight regarding things we can do to make our lives happier/easier/more productive.  One discussion covered loopholes and I instantly thought about how this habit relates to college students.

According to Rubin, understanding loopholes is important “because when we try to form and keep habits, we often search for loopholes”.  The One-Coin Loophole is based in the “argument of the growing heap” from Praise of Folly by Desiderius Erasmus.  The argument is:

“If ten coins are not enough to make a man rich, what if you add one coin? What if you add another? Finally, you will have to say that no one can be rich unless one coin can make him so.”

While at first glimpse, you may wonder what this has to do with being a college student.  But look closer.  How many times have you thought the following:

-What difference will it make if I start my paper now?
-I’m going to skip class today – it’s only one time.
-Why should I do my math homework now, when I have all weekend?
-I can have pizza tonight; I’ve been good all week.
-It’s only one beer. (Author’s note:  You must be 21 to think this.)

The act of working on homework daily or skipping one class may not be a huge deal.  Those are single acts.  But a single act done repeatedly becomes a habit.  The habit of working on homework daily will have a lasting impact on your success as a student.  Skipping a class (or two or five) while also have an impact on your ability to succeed in your class.

What gold coins (acts) are becoming your heaping pile (habits)?


Lately, I’ve been listening to podcasts on my commute as a way to pass the time.  It all started when I... MORE