Spring Break is Over

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Manuela is the ESL/Academic Skills Specialist in the OAS.  When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with family, leisurely dinners with friends, and keeping up with all the NBC Chicago episodes.

You looked forward to the much-awaited week of spring break. The anticipation mounted as the days drew nearer and then…it was over before you could say “tequila!” Now, the transition to the routine you eagerly left behind before break seems like a form of human torture.  How do you get back on that proverbial hamster wheel?

REFLECT:  Take the time to realize that spring break was just what the doctor ordered. You may be coming off of spring break feeling like you should’ve accomplished some school work or that you slept more than you should have. Lose the guilt. You needed the time to recoup and if you slept more than usual, that was your body telling you that it was time to recharge. Be grateful for the R&R you got over break. Don’t get caught up in useless regrets over not having gotten any work done. That time is gone and you can’t get it back. It’s more fruitful to think about how to get on track again.

TAKE BABY STEPS:   You may not feel immediately motivated to hit the books, so take small steps toward getting in gear. You can start by unpacking. Leaving your unpacked bags lying around will only remind you of your long lost spring break. Get some laundry done. Put all your toiletries away, etc. Maybe even run an errand or two.

PLAN AHEAD:  As you think about what lies ahead for the remainder of the semester, it all seems like work work work work work!  Before the nostalgia of your spring break creeps in, get out your calendar. Plan for the week ahead. Make some room in your calendar for small rewards to look forward to soon. For example, pencil in some study breaks throughout the week in which you can indulge in some of Ray’s delights like FroYo, chicken nugget day, or make your own s’mores. Once you get through your first week back, plan an outing on the weekend with friends – maybe a trip to the movies or your favorite burger spot. These may pale in comparison to the week you just had in Cancun or vegging back home, but they will get you through until your next break.

Speaking of your next break…while you are updating your calendar, plug in your 5-day Easter Recess. And when that’s over there are only 26 days left before the official end of the semester. But who’s counting, right?


Adapted from:  Jimenez, R. (2015, March 17). Post spring break: getting back into the groove. KTB.

Retrieved from http://killingthebreeze.com/post-spring-break-getting-back-groove/

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Posted by: on April 12, 2017   |Comments (0)|Staff