My Ode to Ray

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Hi everyone! My name is Marla Gagne, and I’m from West Haven, Connecticut. I’m a sophomore English major and am currently living the suite-life on campus (pun intended). I am a news co-editor on The Cowl and love writing stories about what’s going on around PC. I’ve also volunteered with campus ministry and love getting involved on campus. College life can be crazy, but chicken nugget Thursdays, Friday night hockey games, and PC friends make it all worth it!


After another crazy year at Providence College, I am exited to be going home for a relaxing summer. I can’t wait to be reunited with my dog, my queen size bed, and, most importantly, my Mom’s delicious cooking. But before we all wrap up another semester, we need to pay homage to the thing we all love to hate—Ray.

As much as Ray tries, Mom’s lasagna with homemade sauce or her special fudge brownies will always take first place in our hearts. But as we eat our final meals of the year at Ray, there are special things I will definitely miss over the summer.

1. Breakfast

On the weekends, no one really wants to get up and move. It’s been a long week filled with exams, presentations, laundry, and roommates. I would rather stay in bed than walk to Ray. But this walk is made a little easier knowing that I will get a special breakfast. I love the French toast sticks, Belgium waffles, home fries, and, my favorite, hash. You can have eggs, sausage, bacon, bagels, fruit, omelets, etc. Breakfast at Ray is a bonus on the weekends.

2. Everyday Music

An average day at Ray will consist of country music on repeat. Love it or hate it, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, and Keith Urban are coming your way.

3. Weekend Playlist

On Sunday mornings, the cowboy boots are put away and the club music enters the scene. All the songs you played the night before will be on in the background as you eat your waffles and eggs. Who doesn’t want to be like Kanye all morning long?

4. Familiar Faces

When you walk into Ray, you immediately get a smile from Fran or Dott or Barbara. These ladies of Ray, along with many others, are part of the PC experience. All around, from the salad bar to the classics section, you’ll see familiar faces. You might not even know all the workers’ names, but they are part of your everyday routine and are friendly faces on campus.

5. Holiday Spirit

For every holiday, Ray goes all out. Whether its singing Feliz Navidad behind the classics counter or wearing a costume for Halloween, they decorate the dining hall, make special foods, and put some spirit into a special day.

6. Thursdays

Despite anything that went wrong during the week, I can always count on a delicious meal of chicken nuggets and curly fries on Thursday. Who could ask for more?

7. The Dessert Table

This one is pretty self-explanatory. M&M cookies, chocolate cake, and ice cream—dreams really do come true.

8. The Center of the Day

Some days, especially at the end of the year, are super busy. I’m stuck in the library studying for hours or can be found running around campus for club meetings and office hours. It’ll be 6:30 and I haven’t even been back to my suite all day. But then I get the text to meet at Ray for dinner. My roommates, all seven of us, grab our usual table in the back and have dinner. For the next hour, we can vent about terrible days, rant about assignments that just seem cruel, plan our weekends, and just catch up.

2 thoughts on “My Ode to Ray

  • Hey Marla,

    That’s really nice of you to give a shoutout to Ray and all the things you will miss. It helps to take some photos with you haha.


  • Hey Marla,

    Entertaining post. I know exactly how you’re feeling. When I was in college, I looked forward to summers of sleeping in my bed at home and not having to use a community bathroom. But, then you go home and miss the little things about your school. It’s quite the cycle.


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Posted by: on May 3, 2016   |Comments (2)|Writing Center