Best Burgers in Providence

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Hello! My name is Shane Quinn. I am a Grad Student from Waterford, Ireland. I am currently studying in order to attain my masters in counseling here at Providence College. I was part of the PC class of 2015, studying psychology as an undergraduate. I am a GA in the Office of Academic Services, providing academic support to students. I am starting my 5th year competing for our famous track team and will be competing in the 2016 indoor & outdoor track seasons. I enjoy soccer, TV and movies. Most of all, I enjoy just lounging around watching all three, regaining my strength before having to go run around in circles! Check in with me at PC Smartypants for tips to academic success.
It’s March time! And with our renewed love for the New England outdoors, why not comfortably leave your dorm and make your way to some of my favorite places to eat in Providence.

abbeyThe Abbey is one of PC’s tastiest and most convenient choices for off-campus dining. With a massive menu to choose from, it’s the Abbey’s special burger selection that takes the fancy of many PC students. They have 14 signature burgers to choose from, each one with it’s own unique structure. Located on Admiral, the Abbey is a second home for the PC community!

Another burger choice! Luxe burger has an equally tasty burger selection to the Abbey. However with Luxe, you can customize that burger.


What are your favorite places to eat?

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Posted by: on March 14, 2016   |Comments (0)|Staff