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Last month saw the start of South Park’s 19th season. The show has managed to stay as popular as ever, seeing as each episode is a satire of current events, thereby always being relevant. Their use of ridiculous humor to intelligently expose a lot of today’s society has always resonated with me. This particular season has, so far, managed to touch on a few of the issues that have been force fed to the American public in the last few months. I find that when I am over-exposed to certain news stories/topics, specifically the ones about political issues and celebrity news, I tend to poke fun at them.

Season 19 Episode #1: The season premiere was a Caitlyn Jenner special. The episode title “Stunning and Brave” suggests that Trey Parker and his team of writers would poke fun at the former USA Decathlon Olympic gold medalist herself. Thankfully, they actually left her be. Instead, they made a laughing stock of the people who aggressively support her. These are the people who are so keen on letting the world know that they themselves are cool, liberal and accepting. For me, these people cloud my Facebook page with posts, not about the importance of equality, rather, posts about how they support equality. If you feel the same way I do, give this episode a watch, hilarious!

Episode #2: “Where My Country Gone?” is the name of this episode, and pokes fun at America’s most controversial presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Although many people do actually relate to Trump’s no-nonsense, blunt attitude in politics, some of what he has talked about is beyond the point of laughing stock. Especially his wish to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. In this episode, South Park put the shoe on the other foot, having the Canadians build a wall to keep the Americans out! To be fair, this outlandish idea is very easy to laugh at, and I’m sure they will do so again in the coming episodes. For those people who support Trump and think this is a great idea, look at how ridiculous it sounds when another country does the same thing.

Episode #3: This episode takes a break from the political and social debates that have been going on for the best part of a year now, and addresses the big fat obvious elephant in every city, the Whole Foods. The parents of the town are trying to clean up South Park, and they believe that getting a Whole Foods will solve all of their problems. Often I have wandered into Whole Foods, seeing nothing but over priced food, skinny jeans, thick glasses, questionable hats and unfortunate amounts of facial hair and piercings. The part of Providence that many believe is the nicest is from Whole Foods up to the east side, certainly, it has the greatest hipster population. If you find yourself laughing at the image that Whole Foods brings upon itself, this episode is for you.

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