Three Things You Should Do on the First Day of Classes

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By Meghan Murray, Assistant Director for Academic Skills/Programming

The first day of class is an exciting time in Friartown.  To ensure you get the most of out this fall semester, be sure to do these three things.  

1. Look Up From Your Phone

No seriously, look up from your phone.  When walking across campus to class, be sure to pay attention where you are walking.  In addition to making sure you don’t trip or walk into a sprinkler (yes, I saw this happen today), you also get the chance to see some friends or new people.  For upperclassmen, you haven’t seen each other for a few month so take the walk to class as a time to reconnect and say hi.  Don’t be too busy checking out pictures on Instagram to check out the new updates to our beautiful campus!
2. Look at your Syllabi

Take the time to review each of your syllabi.  Be sure to check how your final grade is broken down – if class participation is 20% of your final grade, it is good to know that at the start of the semester.  Become familiar with each of your classes and what your professors expect from you.

keep-calm-and-read-the-syllabus 3. Update your Planner

During this first week, update your planner with major deadlines (test, projects, and research papers) from all your courses.  By putting all this information in one place, you can see if you have two mid-terms on the same day or a busy week with a group presentation and 2 quizzes.  By being more aware of these busy times (because it happens to everyone), the better you can plan ahead and stress less. If you want more tips for using your time wisely in college, be sure to check out our videos.

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Posted by: on September 2, 2014   |Comments (0)|Study Skills