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As the primary student event planners on campus, the Board of Programmers teamed up this year with members of Student Congress, Campus Ministry, Board of Multicultural Student Affairs, and the Friars Club to plan a signature student event for the Centennial year. They took inspiration from the grandeur of a “Night in Black & White” in naming their event “The Black & White Ball.”

I recently asked Daniel Pupke, executive vice president of the Board of Programmers and a member of a student sub-committee of the College’s Centennial Planning Committee, to share some of his thoughts about the ball which took place on February 17, 2017.

According to Dan, “Every aspect of this event exceeded our expectations. The Peterson Recreation Center was completely transformed and was absolutely beautiful. The food and beverage selections were incredible. The students were impressed by a timeline that we had arranged upon their entrance, as well as several photo opportunities, raffles, and centennial elements that we had arranged throughout the room. The band and the DJ kept the crowd going until the very end.”

All of the feedback we received was very positive. It was clear that the event had a tremendous impact on the student body. I don’t think the majority of the students grasped the scale of the event until they walked into the room. There is already some talk about making this an annual or semi-annual event, which would be the biggest honor we could ask for. In regard to the future,  we would like to see an increased focus on philanthropy and perhaps raise more money for the Angel Fund.”

Dan wanted to also thank so many from the College who provided support to students throughout the planning process — especially Sharon Hay, their advisor and director of student activities, Dr. Steven Sears, dean of students, and their respective staff.

I want to congratulate the students for all their time and energy that went into the planning of the “Black & White Ball.” I especially want to applaud their collaborative efforts as various organizations worked together to design and implement a truly memorable experience for all members of the student body.

God Bless.


*Daniel Pupke is a member of the class of 2017 and is a finance and management double major from Malverne, NY

** The BOP students in the photo are, from left to right, Michael Gilmor ’17, Executive Treasurer, Taralynn Vecchio ’17, President, Daniel Pupke ’17, Executive Vice President, Monica Houghton ’17, Executive Secretary

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Posted by: on April 13, 2017   |Comments (0)|Students