So Much To Do — So Little Time!

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As the spring semester winds down, students are faced with deadlines for final papers and class projects, end of the year activities, and, of course, final exams. At the same time, “spring fever” can bring lots of distractions.

Our Personal Counseling Center recently provided students with some practical suggestions to help them stay centered and focused as the end of the semester approaches. I thought I’d pass these strategies along to parents — and perhaps you might encourage your sons and daughters to keep them in mind when they are feeling a bit overwhelmed. You might even pick up a couple of hints of what to do to help yourself feel less stressed during these busy days. I know I have!

  1. Give yourself time to be outside and take in the sun light. Sunlight will boost your mood – so soak it up!
  2. Combat procrastination by starting in on easy tasks first. Most of the time, all you need is to get going and the rest will flow.
  3. Schedule 15-minute breaks every hour of studying to take a walk outside, stretch, or connect with a friend.
  4. As the end of the semester approaches, work load increases as does the need to spend time with friends – honor both of these needs and schedule in time for studying and dates with friends. Remember, be realistic with how much time these activities really need.
  5. To stay healthy and happy in body, mind, and spirit, try to keep to a routine that includes regular sleep, nutrition, exercise, work, and social time. And, don’t forget the super important “me time.” Time alone can be rejuvenating and essential for those of us who are exceptionally busy and/or with introverted traits.
  6. When stressed out, take a minute to breath in and out fully. Remind yourself to return toward a compassionate place. Talk to yourself like you would a best friend. Allow judgment of yourself and of others to soften. Focus energies on gratitude and things that you can control.

To schedule an appointment with a counselor, students can call 401.865.2343 or stop in the office in the lower level of Bedford Hall next to the Student Health Center.

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One thought on “So Much To Do — So Little Time!

  • Steve Joanis says:

    I would also suggest some prayer. Any time one is attempting to maintain health, prayer should be a consideration. Requesting aid from God is great advice for young people who are tempted to extremes.

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Posted by: on April 20, 2017   |Comment (1)|Students