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Students came back from Spring Break and what a welcome they received — classes cancelled due to a snow storm! Hopefully, they didn’t bring all their winter clothes home and just left themselves with spring clothes and flip flops!

My experience tells me that March can be full of challenges for students. They need to get refocused and ready for mid-semester exams. They are also dealing with pre-registration concerns and housing decisions for next year. With so much going on, it is easy for students to feel more overwhelmed and less in-control.

Parents, this is a perfect time to remind your sons and daughters to make use of campus resources. The Personal Counseling Center and the Office of Academic Services can provide them with practical tips and strategies to help them prioritize their commitments and deal with stress. This month also might be a good  time to send your student a special care package from home.

That’s all for now, as we look forward to spring.

God Bless


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Posted by: on March 16, 2017   |Comments (0)|Students