Undergraduate Research Prize Submissions Due January 15, 20202

December 12, 2019

With finals upon us, it’s time to consider submitting an entry for the Phillips Memorial Library Undergraduate Craft of Research Prize!

You probably had to write a research paper this year, so why not submit it for the chance to win a prestigious award, a cash prize and publication!

Winners receive up to $500 in prize money plus the chance to have their paper published in the Phillips Memorial Library’s Digital Commons: digitalcommons.providence.edu

To enter, please submit:
1.        A research paper of at least seven pages in length
2.        A one-page essay describing your research process (sources, strategy, etc.)
3.        An annotated bibliography

That’s it!

For more into + tips and tricks, go here: providence.libguides.com/research_prize

All entries must be received by January 15th, so you have time to polish your paper after finals are over.

Contest is open to all undergraduates.

Please email me if you have any questions: atieman@providence.edu

Good luck!

~Andria Tieman Michney

Prizes will be awarded based on the following criteria:
1.  Ability to  select and evaluate appropriate source material from the Phillips  Memorial Library’s databases, the library catalog and, and integrate it  into an effective research paper.
2.  Originality of topic
3.  Writing and communication skills in presenting a thesis and supporting it with effective research and language

Dates to remember:
January 15, 2020 all final submissions are due.  Students may submit any time before this date, but can submit a paper only once.
March, 2020 Winners will be notified

If you are person with a disability and require an assistive device, service, or other accommodation to participate, please contact the Central Reservations Coordinator (401-865-2070; Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm) well in advance of this event.