Great News about Recycling!

September 18, 2019

Hello Providence College,

In the past year, recycling has certainly made headlines. You may have seen stories of China’s rejection of contaminated U.S. recyclables on the nightly news. Here in Rhode Island, your city or town may be dealing with fees from loads rejected at the state’s Materials Recycling Facility. You may have even received news at home, in the form of a violation tag on your recycling bin or cart. 

According to Krystal Noiseux, Education and Outreach Manager for the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC), Rhode Island is “in much better shape than many as we’ve invested in new equipment, made operational changes to improve sorting, worked with municipalities to implement curbside feedback, and launched a statewide educational campaign. In order to keep the system working we need only learn and follow RI’s most basic recycling rules.” 

So, Providence College, here’s what you need to know: only four things are accepted in our mixed recycling program. They are: 

1. Paper, cardboard (flattened) and cartons
2. Metal cans, lids and foil
3. Glass bottles and jars
4. Plastic containers

That’s it! Nothing else qualifies! Please don’t place anything else made of natural fibers, metal, glass, or plastic in your mixed recycling bin or cart. Especially plastic bags! Never put plastic bags in your recycling bin or cart, ever!

Please take a moment to watch the attached short video (4 minutes) which expands upon these simple rules!
If you have any further questions, just reach out to us at And Thank You for doing your part to make PC green!

Payton Morse & Maddie Stephen
Sustainability Coordinator(s)
The Office of Environmental, Health and Safety
Harkins Hall LL18
(401) 865-1881