Making Firenze Feel Like Home

Making Firenze Feel Like Home

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I am studying abroad for the semester in Florence, Italy or as the locals would say “Firenze.” I have been here for 7 weeks now- almost half way through this experience- and the time is really flying by! Now that I have been here for a good amount of time I have settled into my new (or not so new) Italian home and I really love it! Firenze is a GORGEOUS city full of things to do. So far my roommates and I have gone to the Duomo (the beautiful cathedral here), the Boboli Gardens (beautiful gardens and greenery), the Ponte Vecchio (main bridge over the river where a lot of good jewelry is sold) and every Gelateria (ice cream place) Florence has!

Students at the Boboli Gardens!

Students at the Boboli Gardens!


The city is relatively small and very easy to navigate. My first two weeks were quite overwhelming, especially because I felt like I didn’t know where anything was, but by the third week I was able to understand many directions and now I know the city without ever taking out my map! The apartments here are SO nice. I live in a 6 -person apartment with 5 other PC girls. We have plenty of space with a living room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and lots of common space. The rest of the EDU girls are in apartments throughout the city as well and we live within a 15-minute walking distance of everyone. School is also about a 10- minute walk away, which I love because it lets me explore the city even when I am just walking to class.  My roommates and I love to cook in our apartment and use the kitchen nearly every night for dinner. It’s very helpful to have a full kitchen with a stove, oven, and refrigerator so we can cook for ourselves and save our money for traveling around Europe! So far I have been to Pisa, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Switzerland, and Paris. It is very easy to travel from Florence to the rest of Europe, which has become one of my favorite aspects of this experience! I also love staying in Florence and exploring the city that we are living in! I can already tell that this experience will be over in the blink of an eye and that I will miss my Florentine home for years to come!

-Bridget Murray

I am studying abroad for the semester in Florence, Italy or as the locals would say “Firenze.” I have been... MORE

Week One in Florence

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One week in… orientation is over, and classes are just beginning.

The Providence College students arrived in Florence on Monday August 26th, part of a larger group (101 students) attending university in Florence as part of the Fairfield in Florence program.

The students were greeted by the Fairfield Florence staff and spent the first night in a hotel as every one gathered from around the United States. Several orientation sessions (apartment living, safety, travel, classes at Florence University of the Arts) occurred on Tuesday and continued throughout the week readying the students for their semester. Some students signed up to learn about service opportunities, an Art History tour of Florence, Firenza Fiorentina Soccer game; all were eager to get to their apartments in Central Florence.

We have views of the Duomo out our window. apartmentview


Our washing machine and refrigerator aren’t working;  luckily they are being quickly replaced.  Florence and Abroad, the housing agency that works with Fairfield to provide city apartments is very responsive.


A few photos from the Art History Tour of Central Florence


20130905-133201.jpgStrozzi Palace

20130905-133112.jpg Olive Tree of Peace, 20th Anniversary of the Florence Bombing


ladiesoverarnoPonte Santa Trinita over the River Arno





Touch the wild boar sculpture and you will return to Florence.










On Sunday the group traveled by bus to Pisa, by way of Ikea. The stop at Ikea gave the students the opportunity to purchase a few things for their apartments.  There was a bit of confusion reading the Italian “Students were looking for sheets, but ended up with duvet covers.”   “Tablecloths were no where to be found”


Pisa, about an hour bus ride from Florence, has a long history of rivalry for ruling Tuscany. Lead by two guides we visited the bapistry, the Cathederal and the Leaning Tower.


Inside the Pisa bapistry.


And orientation week is a wrap.


One week in… orientation is over, and classes are just beginning. The Providence College students arrived in Florence on Monday... MORE