Rachael Levesque: Abroad Nostalgia has Officially Commenced

Rachael Levesque: Abroad Nostalgia has Officially Commenced

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Hello fellow edu majors! As the days begin to get darker a little bit earlier, and the warm Florence air has been replaced with a crisp, autumn breeze, it seems that we are in the home stretch of returning home back to the states, which is definitely a bitter sweet feeling.  I think this point in the semester is such a nostalgic time, as you look back at all the places you’ve been and the things you’ve seen, and realize you only have a limited time to cross any final things off your bucket list before going home.  Just yesterday my friends and I had the once in a lifetime experience of seeing the Pope! He literally drove right by my apartment, in his Pope-mobile, nonetheless. Another crazy experience which happened to my friend and fellow edu major, Meaghan Creamer, was finding her picture on the cover of an Italian newspaper, as she completed a local half marathon!

As I reflect back on so many of the things I have done throughout my study abroad experience, such as drinking a beer at Oktoberfest, having a croissant in France, riding a gondola in Venice, sailing the Mediterranean with my family for Fall Break, amongst so many other clichés, you come to realize how very few people can say they’ve also seen and done these things.

As someone who was a bit apprehensive about leaving home, and my small, quaint Connecticut hometown, I can firmly say that going abroad was the right decision.  With the great friendships you make, and the indescribable memories you will take away from this experience, missing home (and Dunkin Donuts ice coffee) seems like such a small price to pay.

Corny Study Abroad Tip: Take every chance, drop every fear!

Here are some of the highlights from my experience thus far:


Savona, Italy (View from the cruise ship)


My friend and I, on a gondola in Venice.


The Pope driving by my apartment!


Providence College’s own Meaghan Creamer on the front of the Ravenna Italian newspaper after completing a local half marathon!

Hello fellow edu majors! As the days begin to get darker a little bit earlier, and the warm Florence air... MORE

Brooke McPherson: Being a Homebody 5,000+ miles from Home

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Hello Everyone! I am writing this blog post as I return home (Florence) from Copenhagen, Denmark … My third (of 8) countries that I will be visiting here while I am abroad. Let me begin by saying that I am a homebody, I come from an extremely close family and I also have a twin sister, who is back home in the United States. So for the past 19.5 years of my life I have always said no to “Studying Abroad.” And I thank God every day that I (eventually) decided to apply to the study abroad program.

I don’t think I have ever once been homesick here in Florence. Sure I have had those times where I wish I could experience these things with my family, but its never put a damper on any of my experiences. The best thing about the Providence College Education Study abroad program is that you’re surrounded all the time with education majors from Providence. These girls (and guys) become your family, in your home away from home. You’ll find yourself running to class with them … gelato in hand, taking 12 hour bus rides just to say you’ve been to Croatia, or devouring two entire pizzas without a second thought (Yes you’ll learn to order your own pizza here … and eat it all within minutes too.)

Today, traveling home from Copenhagen, in the Zurich, Switzerland airport, a barista from Starbucks asked me where I was traveling. I explained to her that I would be going back to Italy because I am studying abroad there. As she handed me my Starbucks she said ‘Have a safe flight home … Does Italy feel like home?” And without even a thought I quickly answered, “Yes, it really does.” So if you have the opportunity to study abroad … DO IT!

Study Abroad Tip: Go beyond your comfort zone. You never know what you are capable of unless you try!

Here are pictures in Italy and Copenhagen with PC Edu Majors!



The picture above was taken in Copenhagen at a place called Cristiania also know as Freetown Cristiania. We learned a lot about the place because it’s separate from the European Union and functions as it’s own community. It was really interesting to see the buildings and artwork because their entire community is build by hand.



The picture above is in Siena in the middle of the Piazza del Campo where the famous horse races are held.

Hello Everyone! I am writing this blog post as I return home (Florence) from Copenhagen, Denmark … My third (of... MORE

Meaghan Creamer’s Experiences with Beautiful Sunsets and Delicious Food in Florence

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Capture 11

Hi fellow EDU majors! Let’s just start off by saying I love food. When coming abroad all I could think about was the amount of pizza, gelato, and cheese ravioli I would eat. However, it wasn’t until I got here that I realized how much those costs could add up.  In order to save money I started to cook my own meals…if only I knew how to cook. Early on in the semester I figured out that I had to teach myself. At first, I was nervous about it, and just wanted my moms home cooked meal.  But as the semester has gone on I have grown a liking for cooking. This week we have midterms and I have found that cooking is my break in the day, and I look forward to it. One meal that my roommate and I cooked is chicken parmesan. In order to do so we made a quick call to my mom so she could send us the recipe. Teaming up with my roommate we went to Conad (the grocery store here) with the goal of making chicken parmesan set in our minds.  We cooked it in our apartment reading over the steps on the recipe, and the work paid off. Abroad you will learn to be more independent and one of those ways you gain independence is through learning how to cook!  Now when it comes to dinnertime I am excited to make food. It will be so helpful when I am back in Providence to have the ability to make something and not have to go to Ray or Alumni.

Capture 12

Being abroad is all about adventures, and exploring. Just this past weekend my roommate and I were studying for our midterms, when we needed a break. As we left a store we were in, we noticed that it was just about time for the sunset.  In that moment we decided we should go watch the sunset over the city at Piazza Michelangelo.  The view once we got to the top was beautiful, however the walk over was just as pretty. In Florence I will often be walking to class finding myself looking around, always in awe of what is around me. When walking to watch the sunset I walked past this view, and couldn’t help but take a picture. Every day here in Florence is another day of finding something beautiful. I find I don’t just walk to class with my head down, but rather up so that I can look around at everything in Florence.

Hi fellow EDU majors! Let’s just start off by saying I love food. When coming abroad all I could think... MORE