Meaghan Creamer’s Experiences with Beautiful Sunsets and Delicious Food in Florence

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Hi fellow EDU majors! Let’s just start off by saying I love food. When coming abroad all I could think about was the amount of pizza, gelato, and cheese ravioli I would eat. However, it wasn’t until I got here that I realized how much those costs could add up.  In order to save money I started to cook my own meals…if only I knew how to cook. Early on in the semester I figured out that I had to teach myself. At first, I was nervous about it, and just wanted my moms home cooked meal.  But as the semester has gone on I have grown a liking for cooking. This week we have midterms and I have found that cooking is my break in the day, and I look forward to it. One meal that my roommate and I cooked is chicken parmesan. In order to do so we made a quick call to my mom so she could send us the recipe. Teaming up with my roommate we went to Conad (the grocery store here) with the goal of making chicken parmesan set in our minds.  We cooked it in our apartment reading over the steps on the recipe, and the work paid off. Abroad you will learn to be more independent and one of those ways you gain independence is through learning how to cook!  Now when it comes to dinnertime I am excited to make food. It will be so helpful when I am back in Providence to have the ability to make something and not have to go to Ray or Alumni.

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Being abroad is all about adventures, and exploring. Just this past weekend my roommate and I were studying for our midterms, when we needed a break. As we left a store we were in, we noticed that it was just about time for the sunset.  In that moment we decided we should go watch the sunset over the city at Piazza Michelangelo.  The view once we got to the top was beautiful, however the walk over was just as pretty. In Florence I will often be walking to class finding myself looking around, always in awe of what is around me. When walking to watch the sunset I walked past this view, and couldn’t help but take a picture. Every day here in Florence is another day of finding something beautiful. I find I don’t just walk to class with my head down, but rather up so that I can look around at everything in Florence.

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Posted by: on October 27, 2015   |Comments (0)|Travel