Final Month in Belfast: Travels, Holidays and Goodbyes

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We can’t believe how the time has passed so quickly especially in the month of November. Once we returned from our respective travels in Germany, Italy, Holland, and Copenhagen, we only had a week to our next adventure week and till it was December. Before we could travel again, we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Stranmillis college, ISFA- Butler and Michelle’s parents. The dinner was enjoyable and the meal filled with all the traditional Thanksgiving foods. There was turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and apple pie. After dinner, everyone Skyped or Facetimed with their family while they had Thanksgiving dinner back in the United States. Afterwards everyone packed a bag for Paris.








As our last big adventure in Europe, we tried to soak in everything Paris had to offer. We were all able to take the sight seeing bus around the city and see all the main attractions even the Eifel tower. We spent our night wandering around the Paris Christmas Market trying food and looking at the booths. The next day, Maggie, Michelle and I went to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa and other famous works of art. Then we went to the Shakespeare book company to buy copies of the book Madeline. While, Colleen traveled to see the Palace of Versailles It was great trip to end the month of November.

With our days numbered in Belfast, we tried to make each day count! Between our placements and classes we continued to venture around the city. Both kept us very busy! Final papers, and lesson plans were being written.  We even returned to the restaurant we went with Dr. Skawinski, the Crown Bar. Additionally, multiple trips to the Christmas market occurred with filling up on all the delicious food.  There were so many different foods from around the world for us to try. Some our favorites were the burgers, the Dutch pancakes, and the churros.  Then we went to St. George’s market for art souvenirs. Also in the holiday spirit ISfA- Butler took us to winter Wonderland Park in Belfast. All the ISFA-Butler students were able to ice skate, have a hot chocolate and go on a carnival ride. Everyone got into the holiday spirit and had a great time!



As the departure date grew closer, our days become busier! We passed in our final papers. Stranmillis University and ISFA- Butler hosted a graduation for all the American students studying in the fall semester.



Ger from ISFA, professors, the international office, student union international advisor, and our placement vice principal were all at the lunch.  After a great meal, the Principal of Stranmillis began the ceremony. Everyone received certificates and graduation stoles. For dinner that night, we went to eat with our flat mates for a farewell dinner.  Ironically we began our first night at an Italian restaurant in Belfast and ended it another Italian restaurant near campus.  As a group we reminisced, about all our great adventures, and time at Stranmillis. It has been a great three months! We learned, we laughed and took on Europe!  It’s bittersweet leaving this amazing country! But we are excited to see our friends and family back home!


Happy New Year!   Kati, Maggie, Michelle and Colleen

Elementary Special Education Belfast Year One

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