Thanksgiving in Europe

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Happy Thanksgiving


Last night we all gathered for Thanksgiving dinner at Hauerwas’ apartment — a wonderful potluck of dishes shared by all.

A whole turkey ordered at Mercato Centrale and cooked by the Hauerwas’ in their small oven. Cranberries and Brown Sugar brought from the states by Marissa’s family who was visit provided special ingredients for homemade cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

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Mashed potatoes made with Michaela’s grandomother’s recipe and Rice Stuffing made with Lauren’s family recipe. Nicole and Kathryn A provided us green vegetables. Hayley’s special Brie appetizer, Erin H (Fairfield staff) spinach and fresh parmesan dip, and Syliva’s nuts and olives (Fairfield staff) were a wonderful way to start our meal. Lilli, Kathryn G and Kiley’s deserts rounded out our meal and our full bellies 🙂

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The evening ended with a roaring game of charades — The Andreas (Kathryn and her parents) were clearly the best performers of us all!

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In Belfast, the students had Thanksgiving dinner put on by Stranmillis and IFSA Butler.


What I am thankful for this year is the opportunity to explore the world as well as my family and friends being healthy and happy! Michele S.

“I am thankful for my family, my friends and this experience abroad”– Kati P
“I am thankful for my parents for giving me the opportunity to have this incredible experience of studying abroad in Belfast. I am also thankful for Skype which allowed me to be apart of my family’s thanksgiving dinner!  – Colleen C

In Florence this week, Dr. Hauerwas observed several of us as we taught our Italian classes about our American holiday Thanksgiving –including some new words, a little history, a little culture and some geography. Key words included: Pilgrims, Native American, Mayflower, Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Thankful.


In Language and Literacy class on Thanksgiving night we took a few moments to reflect on all we were grateful for this year.

I am thankful for the opportunity to study abroad in Italy.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!! Lauren F

I am thankful for the wonderful friends and family I have at home and for the new friends that I have made here in Italy. Ariana F

I am thankful for all of the wonderful new experiences the I have had this semester, my brothers, and my family. Kathryn G

I am thankful for the opportunity to learn more about language learning with the PC students and the children of Florence as well as the lasting memories my husband, sons and I will have of living in Florence and exploring many Italian cities. Dr. Hauerwas

I am so thankful for the friends that have become family in this beautiful country! I could not have asked for a better Thanksgiving Dinner thanks to all who cooked and especially the Hauerwas’ who hosted!! Kathryn A.

I am extremely thankful for the amazing opportunities I have been given while studying abroad in Italy as well as the amazing friends I have made. I could not have asked for a better experience and I am so grateful for my family that provided it for me! Hayley F.

I am thankful for my family, health, and all of the opportunities that I have been given throughout my life—especially the chance to come abroad and become so close to so many new people! Nicole O.

I am thankful for my amazing friends and family, who have guided me, supported me, and helped me grow into the person I am today. Justine H.

I am thankful for all of the different types of learning opportunities this abroad experience has given me. I have had the opportunity to learn new things about the world, people of different cultures, my peers, and most of all myself! Lilli

I am thankful for the friendships that have come from this Italian experience, and the opportunities that I have been presented with that have allowed me to grow as an individual in many different aspects. I am thankful for my Family for providing me with this chance and for supporting me throughout the whole process. Kiley R.



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