Adventures all over Europe and Halloween

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Abbey Road

After an intense week of midterms, all the students were grateful to have a week off.  Most of the students traveled around Europe, but a few stayed in Florence and really took the time to explore their home away from home.

Hauerwas Family on Mt. Vesuvius

Hauerwas Family on Mt. Vesuvius


Sunset over the Greek Isles




Halloween in the Florence Schools

This week Dr. Hauerwas is visiting each of our schools in the greater Florence area to observe us teach and meet our cooperating English teachers.   For many of us, the American holiday of Halloween is the focus of our lesson.  The vocabulary of the practicum lessons this week includes: pumpkin, witch, broomstick, werewolf, vampire, scared, haunted house, ghost and candy.NOclassroomto be; others on asking the question What is this? All of the students have loved the opportunity of role play trick or treating with their PC student teachers.   Who doesn’t like getting a sweet, as they would say in Britain.

And some reflective thoughts regarding teaching practicum:   The children always greet us with open arms and love when we come.  Their eagerness to learn English definitely shows through, and it is clear that they try their best when I am trying to teach them.  This week, more than any other week, the students felt comfortable asking me questions one on one.  As I was going around to make sure they knew all the words that they were writing in their notebooks, the students were not afraid to ask me questions about spelling.  I was really happy about this because it shows that each week they become more and more comfortable using their English with me.  Sometimes it takes them a little while to formulate what they want to say to me, but I encourage them to take their time and think about what they are trying to ask. 

The Italians also celebrate a holiday this week.  November first is the holiday All Saint’s Day, followed by November 2nd All Soul’s Day, where the Italians remember their loved ones who have passed.  The students at the Antella school where two of our PC student teach took time in their day on Thursday to visit their town’s cemetery and to honor their loved ones. The Antella cemetery is one of Italy’s famous monumental cemeteries. 

Cooking Classes

A few students have taken the opportunity to take cooking classes each week while they are studying in Florence


Homemade Pasta



Egg, Spinach and Parmesan Pie

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