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Goings on in Tuscany at the End of September:

Students are learning English in classrooms throughout the United States, as well as in English as Foreign language classrooms throughout the world.  The PC students studying in Florence will be teaching English to nine, ten and eleven year olds under the supervision of an Italian English as a Foreign Language teacher.  PC education students in Florence have spent the first few weeks of the semester learning pedagogical practices for English Language Development as well strategies to support simultaneous teaching of content and language in a sheltered English model.  [Note: For those interested in learning about the current status of English Language Instruction this past summer’s American Educator had several articles]. Additionally in their Diversity in Education class, the students have been learning some Italian specifically for the elementary classroom.

                             “Go to page…” =Vai alla pagina #….”
                              “Did you understand?” – Hai capito?

These classes have prepared the students for the start of  their 10 week practicum teaching English as a Foreign Language.

This past weekend the students traveled to Assisi, Perugia and Siena with the Fairfield in Florence program.


Some of PC EDU students in Assisi overlooking the towns below!




“We enjoyed the beautiful views and going on tours provided by the school field trip! Not to mention trying a wonderful gelato treat!  Kathryn Andrea, Class of ’15

The World Bicycle Championship is taking place in Florence this week.   The route traverses the Tuscany country-side, but ends crossing central Florence pass the Duomo to the stadium.  What fun to see the competitors race through the streets as we walk to the class or the grocery store.


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