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PC students in the Elementary Special Education program in Florence take Education classes (2), Italian Language(1), and other liberal arts classes(2).

Education Classes:
1) Language and Literacy. This class covers the content of the PC course EDU 331: reading and writing in the upper elementary grades, interdisiplinary learning with a focus on social studies and teaching English Language learners. Students teach English as a Foreign language lessons weekly in their Florence practicum school.

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2) Diversity in Education. This class focusses on multi-cultural education with a focus on the Italian education system, Italian culture , Italian language for teaching and English language education. The class includes field trips to different schools in Italy as well as weekly teaching practicum in a Florence elementary school. This class meets ESE majors their Education diversity course requirement.

Florence University of the Arts classes

Italian Language class. Students are required to take an Italian language class, at their level. For most students this is Intro to Italian.

Other classes

Students are required to take two additional classes, for a total of five classes, or fifteen credits. Classes can be equivalent to PC core classes, part of a students minor or elective courses.

For example:

Students this semester are taking theology classes, science, art history and studio art classes.

20130912-180142.jpg“In our History of Christianity class which meets our Theology 300 level core we get to be involved in the city. We spent a class going to the Archbishop’s archives and seeing documents from the 11th century, and that was just the second class. We then went out in the city and learned about the Duomo and the Baptistry. From there we went exploring to a smaller church down the street. We were able to learn about the building and its influence. It helps give meaning to what you are learning by being able to physically see and be in the buildings.” —Marissa and Ariana


“The Intro to Art History course is great since we get to spend half the class in a classroom learning and then go out and actually see the works we discuss! It is so interesting and makes the subject come alive! The exciting part is it meets our Fine Arts requirement and is better than just using a textbook to learn.” –Lauren, Kathryn and Hayley

Two students this semester are taking art courses which contribute to their minor in Art. But the students have this advice “Take art history/appreciation classes here, but be careful about taking studio classes – they are  demanding.” — Justine and Kiley

Nicole, Kathryn and Michaela are taking science classes (approved for the old core), but these classes have not yet been approved for the new science core requirement. We will be bringing course information back to see if we can get approval!

Needless to say the students are taking classes that take advantage of the riches of Florence. We all look forward to starting practicum at the end of Septemeber in the Florence schools. At that time we will be sharing information on the blog about our schools and the classes we are teaching.


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