The MediaHub Gets A Welcome Upgrade

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Digital Publishing Services has been working hard for the last few months revamping the MediaHub with the intent of making it a more active workspace for students, faculty, and staff.  The intention is to make this more like a “Makerspace,” as many other libraries have done across the country.  This is still a work in progress, but we have acquired a few items to get closer to reaching our goal of a creating a fully functioning Makerspace-type lab. The lab includes four iMacs that include a host of audio and video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Audition. The lab also includes microphones and audio interface devices that can be used for podcasting, etc. And we recently added a green screen kit that includes lights and a tripod to hold various cameras, so that students can create compelling video and still camera projects.  Additionally, we purchased a button maker and a few smartphone VR headsets to add to the creative process.  Please come by the MediaHub and get creative!

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Posted by: on June 15, 2017   |Comments (0)|Uncategorized