The Assisi Institute Journal

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45398528c7d715dd1ce4728e426441efNew to Providence College’s Digital Commons this Fall is the Assisi Institute Journal.

“The Assisi Institute Journal provides a forum for interdisciplinary investigation into the presence and working of psyche in matter, and the influence of archetypal patterns and dynamics in the personal and collective domains of culture and life. Accordingly, the Journal seeks to advance analysis of the ‘psychic fields of experience’ present in clinical and therapeutic settings, organizations (government, business, leadership, scientific, and cultural), artistic, spiritual, and religious practices, and the natural and/or built environment. Of particular importance is the contribution toward a more profound understanding of archetypal patterns as they influence both the proliferation of violence in the world and the establishment of justice and peace in human relations in both local and international communities.” (source)

Please click here to view this new and exciting peer-reviewed journal!

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Posted by: on November 25, 2014   |Comments (0)|Digital Publishing