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Hello all,

This post is a sneak peek of sorts into a new project Library+Commons staff are working on codenamed “spaces”. The idea behind the project is to guide users/patrons to the correct areas of the library based on the task that they need to complete. We’ve got a bunch of interesting ideas in the pipeline like tying in space requesting, video tours, and possibly an interactive floor plan. The site is still in very early development, we’re hoping we can get something up and published before the semester is over, maybe even before October hits. Hopefully!


If you’re interested in some of the inspiration behind our Library Spaces site, check out some of our favorites below: – MIT’s setup is super clean and functional, they’ve managed to fit all of the important information about a space into a neat little block of content. I like the use of icons here as well. – UCSF breaks down their spaces by function, which I think is super handy for students who need to get something done in the library but might not know exactly where to go to do it. – NCSU has a great multimedia component complementing their spaces page(s). Nice pictures and a slick gallery highlight the spaces nicely.

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Posted by: on September 5, 2013   |Comments (0)|Spotlights