INTI’s Artists: Mario Toral

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Each issue of the Inti journal we digitize features artwork by well-known artists. One of the best known is Mario Toral.

Mario Toral Muñoz is a Chilean-born painter and photographer, who at 16 relocated to Argentina before studying as a fine art student in Uruguay and France. He settled in New York from 1973-92, where he established himself professionally by regularly participating in exhibitions. One of his most famous works, a mural entitled Visual Memory of a Nation, is located in the Santiago Metro station at the Universidad de Chile. The massive piece took him 3 years to complete, from 1996-99.

Universidad_de_Chile_8Visual Memory of a Nation, by Mario Toral, Santiago Metro station

You can see Mario Toral’s work, as well as work from other artists, in the pages of Inti. Visit Digital Publishing Services’ Inti issue archive, Inti Gallery, and Inti website to see past issues and find out about new publications.

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Posted by: on May 1, 2014   |Comments (0)|Spotlights